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Monday, April 29, 2013

A History of the Otherkin

A long, long time ago I was a very devout Otherkin.

This was before I knew what UFOlogists knew, or MILABS, or anything of the kind. And I believed with all my heart and soul in the Otherkin subculture movement. I would have laid down my life to help those people I thought of as brethren.

Well, things happen. Negative things, positive things.  For example. I watched others in the community wave their peacock feathers "I was a princess in another life" and butt heads over who should rule this or that, or who should be the supreme princess. Or prince. Or in one guy's case the sole heir to the universe that was somehow also elected as the supreme leader through an intergalactic election.

But my inner guides said not to say anything about who I was; just to say "yes I am this" and let it go for the truth would win out and the REAL others would see who I truly was on their own. Some did, with mixed reactions. One actually got on his knees and swore fealty. Another who was also claiming to be "this" started a flame war at me - silly upstart bard.

Mostly there were other things: backstabbing things. Petty politics things where I was talked bad about by the very people I would have done anything to protect - accused of doing things I never did. Called names. Talked down about. One guy tried to take advantage of me, and when I told him no and dared to speak out got me ostracized. My life was hell so long as I stayed with them, and I couldn't quite get that this was because I was going against my natural shamanistic flow. These days I know how power works, and your place in the universe. And I still marvel at how my life literally did a 180 degree turn for the good when I walked away from the Otherkin forever, saying "You are lying to yourselves, and I cannot be one of you any longer."

Their final malicious act: to take my new husband to the side to "have an intervention" because they were concerned that he was with me. They wanted us to break up. No one knew we were married yet - I had convinced him to keep it a secret. Surprise to them. And I found out months later at least two of those same people were members of the Otherkin thing. So it goes.

I was no innocent, but I was certainly trapped by a circumstance of my own making. There are a lot of good people in the Otherkin movement - for some reason I only met them briefly and couldn't recognize good people for bad.  I thank my lucky stars I finally woke up and got away. Because when looking into the UFO culture I saw a 100% match between what the scientists were finding out vs. what the Otherkin were remembering on their own.

Still, I did take a lot of good away from those years. It wasn't the Otherkin that taught me to trust people less, but it was the Otherkin that taught me how to predict what someone will do next. Like when the first LOTR movie came out and I said "You watch. We're going to get people joining up saying they're Tolkien elves, but I'm telling you this is going too far. Tolkien's elves were a metaphor." I was ignored, pointedly. And sure enough, they came.  That event I think was my first eyeblink at this fabricated nonreality.

I have a necklace a true dragon - the only true dragon I met out of the dozens claiming to be dragons reborn in the Otherkin community - that I cherish. When she gave it to me I was at a point in my life where the memories of my other side were very strong and just getting on the edge of painful. And I felt like no one would ever know who I truly was. I would always be invisible.

It has the Chinese royal seal on it: peacock, dragon. She handed it to me and said, "This is for you, because when I look at you this is what I see."

I stood there holding that necklace and the tears just fell down my face.  And to this day it's my special thing, guarded carefully.

Another good thing I brought out of being with the Otherkin is the Allthing. It's a yearly gather I hold near to wherever I live at the time. I have a website dedicated to it that I usually ignore at http://thingstead.wordpress.com/. The old website used to be http://anotherotherkin.tripod.com - but it no longer fits. Still, when I think to deal with Thingstead I'll hung up the old website and pull things over. Today I pulled some things over from the old Book of Shadows section.

And found on Google a history of the Otherkin where my old website is mentioned.

I am not in the least bit interested in reading the history, although it's clear I am mentioned somehow. Not when I think of all the false talk that happened behind my back; the lies, manipulations, etc. I can't trust that history to be true.

And I am so tired of lies.

I don't wish to discuss the Otherkin here any more. Ever. But they were so much a part of my life, I wonder if I can make that possible.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Speaking Of.... slrp

While we're on the subject of reptilians, I think I should share two of my wide awake physical brushes with them. Now, this has nothing to do with being approached by a reptilian in the night when I was just beginning a comic about them that was meant to portray them in an utterly ridiculous light. That was a purposeful encounter, and those you must always examine suspiciously because so much can be and has been faked. Lies are all around us.

These were two accidental encounters, and that's why I hold them to be so real. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Or the wrong time, maybe. Depending on your point of view.

The first time was when I and my daughter moved to a small town located about three hours east of St Louis, Missouri. My husband was in Iraq at the time, and we had just bought the house of my dreams - and I mean it was literally of my dreams. The thing I had dreamed about, wished for, and hoped for my entire life right down to how the open bar looks in the basement. We were leaving Jacksonville, Florida behind - and that being a hotspot in which I witnessed a lot of things - so I thought moving to this little town was going to be a nice quiet change. I was in for a scarey surprise.

We got there, settled in after some drama with the local officials who went so far as trying to accuse me of stealing my husband's identity in order to forestall the final signing of our house's paperwork, and life set to resume. In fact if you see my video blogs you can even see when we moved and notice the change.  And all should have been a hustle of unpacking and learning our new town.

But I, being taught to feel and be aware at least on a low skill level, couldn't sleep at night. I could feel them all around me - there was a huge cluster of minds all watching me. They were aware I was there, they were watching carefully, and the foremost emotion they put out was wondering if I was a threat. It was very uncomfortable, and I was a bundle of nerves. I only slept during the day, when the "psychic eyes" seemed less trained on me and it felt safe.

Being an author, I got booked to make a public appearance in Joplin, Missouri. My daughter who was about fourteen at the time, and I loaded into the car and we started driving. We had to go through St. Louis to get there and hit the city sometime in the evening, but even as we hit the outlying farmland areas on the outside of the city I could feel them. It was scarey - more minds than I had ever felt before, and I knew I was sensing a large scale movement above ground that was very special. The minds were all bend and shaped in that way people get when they have an intense purpose.

We crossed the bridge into St Louis, passed the arch, and as my daughter oggled the sights and crooned I felt them moving around. There were hints of water, smells of underbrush, and then suddenly it just shut off. I knew, then, that they had ground their prey. And I knew it was a young girl. I said to my daughter that they had caught someone. A couple of more miles down the road, when we were a little past halfway through St Louis, and the city went on amber alert. A young girl had been taken.  It was the saddest confirmation I had ever received in my life.

The rest of my time living up there was spent in fear, knowing I was so close to one of the reptilian hives that still practices the girl hunts when my daughter was just at the right age they seem to prefer. After a while the minds stopped watching me at home, but I never stopped watching out for them.

When my husband was on his second deployment to Afghanistan I saw one in the flesh. I was in Hobby Lobby - I kid you not - looking for supplies when this woman happened to be in the same row as me. I looked at her, and she looked at me. I could feel her attention - not sure how I got it - and her eyes were black pools. They were beautiful eyes, mind you, but they didn't look right... and as I stared briefly I could find no hint that they were because of contact lenses.

"N... nice eyes, "I literally stammered. 

She thanked me and I ducked to the next row. You'd think that would be it, but I could feel her following me as I talked with my friend... first about the woman's eyes in one brief sentence, and then about whatever mundane thing I could find. The woman followed me from row to row, her always on the other side, as I pretended to shop and act like I'd noticed nothing weird. I saw her head cocked when there was a gap, listening.

So, because the situation was both scarey and a bit provoking, I decided to try a trick from Babylon 5. Babylon 5 being a TV show, well, you can't take any of it seriously. But what the hell. I started playing Mary Had A Little Lamb in my head over and over. I focused on that song while continuing the conversation.

That was when the reptilian ... or whatever she was... decided I wasn't anything and went away.

I tried very hard to get my MUFON contacts to come to the area and investigate with me, but they never would. And that is where that tale ends. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lizards in Action

I was actually looking form something completely different when I came across apparent footage of a Reptilian body guard at a government function. I sat, I watched, I backed up, and I watched again. Usually when I watch things that people put out on the internet like this, I figure it's not completely real. There have been plenty of things I saw that were apparently just cases of people wishing things were there. But this time, well. I'm going to treat this as real, the debate isn't whether it is or not.

There was a reptilian who once came to me to discuss a story I was writing. Apparently my representation of them as a people was a matter of grave concern. I was in Tampa at the time. I'll never forget how I stared at his orange jump suit, studying the folds in the cloth, wondering why on earth he had to wear such a human military thing unless he was part of the American army. And I remember, also, how humanoid he appeared. Not at all covered in ridges or anything like people picture them.

The ridges can show, but well, let me show you the footage.

Let's be serious in our exploration, and what I'm going to say I know from my head. I haven't opened any books to study what others have to say yet. I will begin tonight now that things have been confirmed.

1. He weaves back and forth. While weaving back and forth, his ears are out and look rather like a frill. (For an example of a frill see further down the post.) He's attentive, looking around, and being very watchful. Mind you, I've seen lots of humans act like that and me too when happy so the behavior is 100% off... but there's more.
2. When he stops looking around and being attentive, he "shapeshifts". That's not really shapeshifting, and I'm not really sure why people call it that. It's not even close to glamoring, which is another skill entirely. If you look, the frill has went down and the ridges shift much like if you flexed your muscles. He basically is expressing an emotion, state of being, or feeling. In this case I took it to mean "all looks clear, am going to stand down a bit now."
3. His humanoid features become even less pronounced when he stands down and he manages to look even more "alien". Even in the dark of the room you can tell he's different. No need to enhance the footage or zoom in. Just compare and contrast.

Something that I find amusing is we'll compare ourselves to apes, find all sorts of similarities with chimpanzees and use them as a model to understand ourselves better, but we can't seem to make the same connection with the other natives of this planet. And it's so much common sense, that I think even without a BA in anthropology I'd get it.

Some of the reptilians are of early reptile descent. Some are "hoary" lizards. And some regard themselves as avians and are a little vain about it. (One of my alters included.) This reptilian, I think, is closer to the dinosaur breed, the ones closely linked to birds. (If you didn't know, birds are dinosaurs evolved. Our modern lizard is from a different ancestor in many cases.)

Birds and some reptiles have some behaviors in common because of that common ancestor: weaving when on the look out or threatened, having a frill, and being able to shift parts of their bone structure to suit certain things.

So you learn them, you learn their body language, you learn how to talk to them. Know thy enemy, if you must. If that one is one of the enemy.

And with this little bit, their apparent shapeshifting and even what that guy was doing there becomes defined, real, touchable, a little mundane and above all - more on a serious level for us to process, understand, and decide how to react to without a bunch of mumbo jumbo getting involved.

Here's a couple of lizards. And a snake, weaving.

This is also the part where I suggest once again that if reptilians think we should still be in the food chain, they can be just as tasty.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleep Paralysis around you

It's true what they say about the people around you going into paralysis when it's time to be picked up. With aliens it's like they're frozen in time, and there's no waking them. With everything else, it's like they're in a deep sleep they can't wake up from. You can shake them, and they might moan a bit at you - but you'll get no help from them.

After midnight, early 3-21-2013, it happened to me again. I was going to bed late (as usual) and snuggled down in the blankets. I was almost asleep when a ghostly figure that resembled my daughter approached my head. Of course I opened my eyes. First, it resembled my daughter: boyish short blond hair, heavy mascara, about her short height. Second it was a ghost approaching me in the bed when I'm vulnerable.

There was nothing there, so I tried to relax again. And sure enough within a few minutes I saw, as my eyes flutterd open, the ghostly figure approach again. She was clearer this time, but definitely outlined in white and able to be seen through. So I sat up and tried to shake my husband awake. He moaned at me a bit but I couldn't wake him.

Now the proper reaction to this situation is to get your butt out of bed. But for whatever reason I lay back down and went straight to sleep - which is another sign a pickup is happening. You don't sit up in alarm, realized you're not getting help, and then blow off to simply go to sleep normally. That's just stupid. And I knew it as I was falling asleep, but it's like I couldn't help myself.

My dream as I was waking up that morning was about my boyfriend having broke up with me, and no matter where I went in this dream no one would leave me alone. And I was shown footage of a younger me giggling and crying into a pillow with people around her and military uniforms hanging on a sales rack nearby. And I was sad through the thing, and full of hatred that I would be broken up with so casually but the man wouldn't have the grace to leave me alone.

And as I gently woke up that morning for the 2nd day in a row - which is also not normally for me - my thoughts immediately flew to my visiting specter.  There are some bugglies that will wait until you fall asleep to purposefully give you bad dreams so they can feed off your reaction. But when I mentally reviewed my dreams of the past two nights, I had to conclude they were not that kind of dream. One had mythical creatures and a journey to the center of the earth and me finally, after a lifetime, announcing I refused to marry the prince because he would not allow me my freedoms. (The prince dream usually has no resolution.) And then the dream about the boyfriend. Hardly nightmares.

So I considered maybe it was my daughter dreamwalking. She's prone to doing that, although she doesn't realize it. Upon consideration, I think no - this creature was waiting for me to fall asleep on purpose. When I woke up the first time, they backed off and waited again. When I woke up the 2nd time, my husband would not wake up and I was lulled into sleep.  All of that points to adbuction.

And I have really weird dreams after abductions - because your mind has to process the information no matter what. Another thing about those dreams is they were had AFTER my husband got up for work and woke me up to kiss me goodbye. He leaves at about 06:30. The second sleep is about when I process information like that.

So. I couldn't tell you what I've been doing. I admit it really would be nice to know or good or bad.

Monday, April 1, 2013


This happened about a month ago.

I don't remember much of everything else that was going on because my consciousness was going in and out of focus. I'd dream I was going somewhere, then I'd be talking to people and not dreaming while still in the dream state. There was a group of people I was traveling with on the dream side. I remember a truck, that one was a blonde, and that we were tourists... and archaeologists. Or maybe just had an interest in archaeology.

But as is the way of things, "they" slapped a map on a table down in front of me - and the dream state went away. Came the type of focus I've heard others describe, where if you try to look at or pay attention to something outside of the intended field of scope things get blurry and your mind is herded by this narrow view back to where they want you. And I, when shown a map, will focus very keenly and it will become my entire universe. I'll be aware its just a map, but the hypnotized dream state side will fill in data, colors, and even moving pictures.

Coming out and in the waking world now, I never remember being told why I'm being shown a map. In the dreamstate, though, I know exactly what's needed of me. I'll pick out regions, spots, and places. I'll listen to the debriefings, or I'll say "so and so is located here" and point.

This time it was a debriefing. The map was in front of me, and it was a topography map I recall wide awake. I'm sure of it because the bumps and ridges of valleys and rivers were very plain to see. I would have been able to feel them if I'd been inclined to touch the map - I was inclined to put my hands at my sides and pay attention like a good little soldier instead I'm afraid.

It was a hilly country, with many minor valleys. I remember thinking how odd it was, this country, that it had two rivers along it's northern and southern borders. They were strange rivers because they didn't bend and twist the way rivers did.

I was told that there was a major archaeology expedition in the country's south, in a place called the Vou Valley to the southeast off the middle. The word "Vou" was pronounced so that the o and the u made a single sound.

When the discovery had been made, the country's government made people move out of their home for miles and miles. There weren't a lot of people living in that region anyway: just a few scattered homes and maybe a village or two. The discovery was called "The Monkey" and I got the impression that it was a tomb or treasure cache of some sort.

After the debriefing was over, I returned to the dream state in which I dreamed I and a small group of tourists walked a very narrow mountain crack path to get to the discovery. It was so narrow we had to wiggle single file.

The next day I was talking to a friend about it, and I got curious as to what I had been shown. I tried finding the valley first, but couldn't find anything. I knew the country was in the east, so I looked up China, Tibet... and then on a whim looked up Mongolia.

I had to laugh when I found a map. Those rivers weren't rivers at all. They were the border lines for the eastern half of the country. Which would place the discovery on the edge of the Gobi Desert.

Of course I haven't found any information on any discoveries there to date. It's hard to get archaeology information out of that side of the world, what with their closed information borders, communist policies and all.

The map is an open domain piece taken from the CIA World Factbook.