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My name is Jennifer White, and I'm a Flutterby. I also don't really exist. I am the fake creation of someone who needed an outlet to explore her past and gather information - without totally pissing anybody off or chasing them away. It's funny the doors a fake name can open up for you.

I am a government slave: a member of the mysterious MKultra program. I wasn't trained to be a super soldier... really I don't know what I was trained to be, or what they meant me to be. Of course I remember snippets of my training, but beyond that? I just don't know, because I don't understand how the system works completely. And no one ever seems to want to answer the most important question of all: why.

I've been to a lot of places, but never have I explored what is inside my own mind. So if I go there, and if I study the terrain within, perhaps I can figure out the world's greatest mystery:

Who am I? Really?

This is just my personal blog. My work and real activities can be found in three important places:

The Twilight Curtain
The White Commentaries
and my living book: A Bright Light Over My Bus