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Friday, August 30, 2013

Not really the point of this blog but...

... something that should be paid attention to.

And I found a bunch of people on Youtube that were all about helping him. So yes, the racism we're told isn't real? It's there on such a level of hate you wouldn't believe.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parents Blame Obama Administration for Seal Team 6's death

I told my husband, "Seal Team 6 is dead." And he didn't even know. This has been on the news, but... yet people don't know about it. So, here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pacific Time Follow Up

I wish I knew why the hell people find my posts about things disjointed. I had also posted my "Pacific Time" post to Abovetopsecret to see if maybe some people might have something to say about the current MKultra phenomenon. I reread the post and to me it's quite, quite clear. It's presents the information in linear time. It doesn't hint. It says bluntly I even woke up during an abduction. And it just talks, after stating very clearly that maybe other people would have input.

I got your typical response from places like that. One person said "Do you even understand what you're saying?" because apparently they didn't. And I got accused of having a mental issue for fixating on it and being in need of a psychiatrist - not for fixing the mind control damage. *rolls eyes* I did not get a single bit of intelligent exchange, or communication, or anything like that. I was reminded why I rarely ever post in places like that.

These are people who supposedly want to research things like that, to make a difference, to turn the corruption around. And that's the response I got. Wow.

My husband got offended at me today because that stupid Revolution show had me bawling my eyes out while I washed dishes at the sink. He's mad because I supposedly don't give people a chance. When I said that every time I try to let someone close to me they go away or they do like the reaction I just read at that stupid forum. Of course he's the kind of person, he goes to whatever he's doing and he has a great time talking about shallow things like video games and toys and walks away thinking he made some pretty damn good friends. Whereas I'm a more quality type person. And it's true - my post is a good example of it. People just can't handle the water when it gets more than ankle deep.

Had another friend who I turned to needing to talk... she was suddenly unavailable. And you know, I rarely have the need to talk about this kind of stuff - I mean, not in a "I need to talk because I'm hurting" sense. Sure I'll talk about it, but it's not often I'm reduced to tears and made to feel small and vulnerable about it. And I needed a friend today. I really needed a friend. But that's not what I got, unfortunately. Which is normal.

No, I don't see the point in giving people a chance. I don't see the point not only because I couldn't care less about people much anymore, but because I simply do not have the time to waste. Nor the money. So screw it.

Just screw it.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pacific Time

So l lately around the house my husband and I have begun to notice things getting moved in his computer hutch and wotnot - areas I don't bother in the waking world at least. And at least once the time on his laptop - which I hate - had been changed to Pacific time. We couldn't make any sense of it, really, except that the physical clues this was being done and not a computer error had our eyebrows lifted.

So yesterday my husband tricked me into watching something with triggers in it. That stupid Revolution show? Yeah. On top of feeling like I was watching one long rerun and wondering how quickly it will take for me to find the dreams I've been having that match it perfectly in my dream diary (from before this show started to run), the pilot sent me bawling to the bedroom where I ended up hiding on the floor by the bed. I haven't done that in a long long time - and only rarely I'm normally a lot stronger about things - but seriously that show didn't just have one trigger you could smooth over. It had minutes of ten triggers happening at once. Talk about overload.

Then I got left alone all night because my husband is working graveyard. And I knew I was probably going to work, and I knew the triggers that had been hit were the kind that agitates the alter. But today... my computer was set on Pacific time.

No physical signs of moving about. Nothing like that. Just the time change.

Now I know me, I know my after work habits. They're habits we all share. What do we do? We check our emails and chill, then we sometimes go to bed. I suspect that's what she's doing... she's checking something, noticing the clock is off (for her), "fixing it" (another habit of mine) and then going back to bed.

But mind you I also have entertained the possibility the computer somehow set itself to Pacific time when I reinstalled the software last week even though I would have told it Eastern or Central (depending on my habit) and the clock has been accurate all up until today. :-)

It's a physical clue at least, right? Pacific time. That's a real physical clue.

The Real Reason Israel Attacked Syria

Syria is on everyone's mind lately. Now I know, "we politics what the hell." Well the whole machine is involved with MKultra, not just a bunch of half naked popstars.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ever get tired of the race card being used as a "burn witch burn" excuse?

And did many of you know that most of the people burned, drowned and beaten to death for being witches were actually done this way to remove them politically in order for the quid pro quo to claim their assets? It was never about religion at all. THINK about it.

I don't normally agree with Alex Jones. I think he has blown many chances to be a good example on the part of the things he claims to stand for. There have been times I've double checked his facts and discovered that what he was saying was exaggerated, sometimes to levels I simply can't condone. But. I then there are times he and his channel make a good point - and the fact that they manage to get people to open their eyes at all is a very important thing.

But always check the facts. Always look twice. Don't buy it as if you were a sheep. Be a ram.

That being said, this was something to pay attention to:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


"Jennifer White" has something to say about a newspaper article. Woo hoo.

For those who don't know, Jennifer White is a fictional character I play whose life and personal situation are based on my real life dealings. Some parts of her are fictional. It's up to you to guess which parts.

 If you find interesting news articles related to UFO or paranormal activity, send it my way. I'll even give you the address I'm not living at. =^-^=