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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Soldier Summit

This year's Super Soldier Summit was this past weekend. As a poor person who can't manage to get together the money to pay her hiked taxes, I obviously couldn't afford to go. And am a little bummed by it. So many others have stepped forward, and it would have been nice to just come, sit and listen.

I'm not going to say "maybe next year" but finances never seem to get better for me to afford something so expensive.

There are still a lot of things for me to talk about, there always will be, but physical confirmation happened recently and I need to record it.

One the right side of my mouth I have a cavity problem. I've already had to have one tooth pulled, and the one next to where it was has a bad cavity. And tends to get infected. It got infected this last time so badly the flesh around it was extended and the infection just kept coming out. When I finally managed to fight it off (we have dental insurance but can't afford the dentist) it left bad damage there. A big flap of skin that was no longer attached just annoyed the living hell out of me.

One morning a few weeks ago and my mouth was full of blood. Blood was all over my lips, etc. As I recently  had switched tooth care tactics and had even seen one small cavity  heal, I thought at first I had regressed and my mouth was bleeding all night. I brushed it out, cleaned up, did the fish oil, etc that I do, and went about my day.

I was aware I had been going to work again, but everything is such a background hum for me since they caught on I was remembering that all I can now is reach for the feeling.

But you know how it is - when there's a sore in your mouth, a cavity, or just something wrong you automatically pick at it with your tongue. So after a bit I realized, wait a minute. The skin area is gone, and it's sore as if it's been sliced away.

I checked - and yes, it was a clean slice. Very clean. My mouth had been worked on.

Oh, the cavity is still there. But that skin is not. And after that the healing rate of my mouth went back to where I've been  having it: no bleeding gums, etc.

It it not physically possible for me to have bitten it off, and if I had it would have been ragged. Not a clean slice.

So that, hey. They fixed my mouth a little bit.

I've heard of other accounts where people in the program and alien slaves get fixed up because their handler decides giving their pet a shot might be a good thing. Never thought it would happen to me.

So maybe I'll do some research on that phenomenon for a while. See what I can dig up.

Monday, May 20, 2013

I had this to say once ...

April 13, 2010

The rollercoasting memory-recall method I developed around 2000 and was teaching heavily from then until just past 2003? Apparently the psychology community is now claiming to have developed this in 2003 and is starting to practice it with patients.

Irritated? You betcha. Yet another reason why I am reminded how glad I am to have gotten away from the hate and negativity of the Otherkin community.... I *do* remember how many of them were people about to get their psychology master degrees. I also remember how many of the couple of dozen were honest enough to say, "Hey. I'm just a human and I'm here for educational and/or informational purposes.


So I'm reminded even more to keep to myself and not share what I know much.

Something happened with my gumline and jaw recently. I haven't had time to tell the story, but I shall eventually.