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Monday, March 22, 2004

The Goddess (dream)

At first it was an older man and I, and I was making a Chinese shirt. We were discussing the sleeves, and I told him (as the book flipped in front of the eyes at the same time we were climbing ladders and attending to everyday business) that to have long sleeves would have meant he were royalty. The sleeves were set a certain way because you were not supposed to use your hands. He was wearing blue - Chinese rabble - but was a nice guy. He didn't want fancy sleeves, he only wanted functional sleeves. The dream changed, or perhaps it was another dream. She (or myself in a past life) was kept in a tall place, and her room was large and full of nice things. She was young, about fourteen or so, and I was in her body, watching her life and thinking. She was the emporer's wife, and I'm not sure if she had a baby or not. I was still thinking of the sleeves. Her two ladies in waiting attended to matters while I walked in her body. I wondered how she would care for her child, when she had one. I pictured the nursemaids shifting her body for her so she could nurse. The emporess thought to herself that she would like it to rain. It did rain. The thunder boomed in the distance and I could hear the water falling outside. The emporess rushed to the window while the nursemaids ignored her, and I floated outside. She was a toddler, our emporess, and before I departed her body she thought, "I can make it rain!" She was a very plump Chinese child and smiled and made delighted noises as she looked out at the passing rain. I knew the rain was only a passing shower, and I groaned "oh no" to myself as I realized she now thought she was a goddess. Her hair was pulled into a tight pony tail, and it was decorated with fern leaves of some sort. It was an interesting headdress and I wondered at the meaning of it, that an emporess should be wearing some of that kind. She was otherwise naked, as many toddlers were in those days.

Friday, March 19, 2004


She wanted to be free, and to receive her desire. So, incense was lit before I fell asleep. I could only hope I would make it. We were talking, this girl and I. Things were not as they are here. It was mostly blacks and whites, and although her hair is long and blonde, I stood there looking at a short, darkhaired Naomi with the color yellow over her, although my eye could not see the color. Things had a most particular negative image feel, as if the colors were all in reverse, and yet they were not. Bits of white dabbed areas like neon lights. She wore... a battle suit, one of the old old old ones. In my dream it was a familiar site, but now that I am awake I'm a bit nostalgic. ;-P It was basically a black body suit with many belts and a small vest. I draw parts of it sometimes on Malek, when I work Battle of Angels. I did not see any wings. The conversation was an importantone, and so I woke up abruptly specifically to tell myself to remember this. Even then I could not remember the conversation. NOTE: I got her suit right. She was impressed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


I'd asked for dreams from the gods night before last, but all I woke up with were impressions of hanging out with people I knew and regarded as friends. There was a red Chinese shirt on one, with gold embroidery. I wonder if it was that guy who attacked me. Anyway, that's all I got out of a request for teaching dreams. A good time. And no, I'm not complaining. I went to the clinic yesterday, and they stuck me in a teensy room to wait. I feel asleep while waiting, and I had a dream about a symbol that was on a chain like a necklace. It was red, and although it was a necklace it also was not made of tangible materials. It represented something big, like the world or the otherkin community, and I stood there before it. To my right and left were two people who also held the pendant. The one to my left wanted to change the symbol with another, new symbol. I objected - it wasn't right to change things like that I said. He presented his symbol, and it was made of the same material as the first and was written in the same language - a Chinese or Japanese word - and he switched his in place for the older. I grabbed the older as the one to my right went to throw it away, saying no we cannot do this. We cannot change the meanings like that. And then I woke up. Last night's dream involved fire. Often, I dream of the woods around here. They have pockets and ley lines in real life, so that when I dream of them they are a world unto themselves. So I was in there again last night, I can't remember what I was running from, but I had friends with me. We were also camping, I think, or travelling. There was a homeless fellow that crossed the large path that cuts through the woods, and I took notice of him from our campfire. He looked very hungry, so we offered him food. He was wearing a business suit, but he didn't look like he'd washed or shaved in weeks. We followed him back to his camp, which (as always when I dream of these woods) was in a back area where I tend to put trains, old busses, abandoned buildings, etc. This time is was an old stable, and he had it filled with metal, shiney objects. I think it was a forge of sorts, now that I reflect upon it, but in the dream I thought to myself he must've lost everything for all the shed was full of things. There was a coffee pot, and it was cooking, but when I touched it to get people their drinks, everything was set on fire. My companions sat by the friend-fire and did not notice, although I pointed it out. I felt incredibly guilty. The homeless fellow walked over and put it out once, but it started up again. I have impressions of the fire department or perhaps an investigation of some kind, and me taking my daughter and leaving very quickly. I'm such a coward. Hee.