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Friday, March 19, 2004


She wanted to be free, and to receive her desire. So, incense was lit before I fell asleep. I could only hope I would make it. We were talking, this girl and I. Things were not as they are here. It was mostly blacks and whites, and although her hair is long and blonde, I stood there looking at a short, darkhaired Naomi with the color yellow over her, although my eye could not see the color. Things had a most particular negative image feel, as if the colors were all in reverse, and yet they were not. Bits of white dabbed areas like neon lights. She wore... a battle suit, one of the old old old ones. In my dream it was a familiar site, but now that I am awake I'm a bit nostalgic. ;-P It was basically a black body suit with many belts and a small vest. I draw parts of it sometimes on Malek, when I work Battle of Angels. I did not see any wings. The conversation was an importantone, and so I woke up abruptly specifically to tell myself to remember this. Even then I could not remember the conversation. NOTE: I got her suit right. She was impressed.