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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UFOs / E.B.E. - President Reagans ET Briefing Serpo's Secret Files - MUFON.flv

Now speaking as though this briefing were the real thing - and it was investigated by MUFON so it's no walk in the park - there are at least two important things to note that completely counter the way the religious UFO nuts are talking these days. And then just a thing on how the world works. 1. There is indeed at least one hostile race. 2. The Nordics may just be bugs in disguise, because they can change their appearance to the naked eye. Mind you, the bugs have also been found to be in league with the Reptilians who also can put on a glamour (the old term for this). So you have to quest these beautiful beings that come to us speaking of love, light and anything else to lure people in. Karla Turner had a documented case of a man who was lured out by a beautiful blonde alien, and when he got there the reptilian dropped its disguise, slammed the man to the ground and pumped his stomach. Maybe we just have trouble thinking of bugs as ever gaining enough intelligence to know how to handle us like animals. Or lizards for that matter. But it's apparent they do indeed have such an intelligence. 3. The media has been getting used for longer than we thought. It's more blatant and money controlled now than it was then, but it's been going on. Of course Hitler was doing it before the 1950's... 4. Not every UFO is of alien origin. I remember stating in a MUFON meeting that most things in the sky were actually man-made in origin. It pissed people off. Yet here is a MUFON meeting where this meeting with President Reagan is brought up that talks about how we're led to believe things are of alien origin, when really in the end they're UFOs to us simply because we didn't identify them. 5. I notice nowhere in this conversation did anybody bring up bloodlines or talk about how wonderful it is to be a MKultra registered poodle. Just saying.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Wee Little King

I had this dream last night in which this little king was dying. It was a Middle Eastern type country with plastered walls. The king was a tiny man and bald with dark skin. His feet were very bad, so that throughout the dream I made it a point to avoid being near his feet in case I stepped on them.

He had no family, no one around him except guards, military generals and me. And I was a servant assigned to be near him somehow - I was a young girl, and I had been placed in that body after being taken from my own. They marked my arms, whoever they were, because I was on a mission.

I felt sad for the little king, and I wanted to comfort him with friendly company. But I was just a servant. I managed to sneak back to his hospital chamber and pretend to look in. He saw me there and asked me to sit by his side on his white, silk sheets.

He said something about his role in life taking away his identity and I told him how there were quite a few kings whose real names we no longer remembered. He asked me to name two. And I couldn't remember any. Embarrassing.

And then somehow I was put into a different body with the wrong tattoos. So when he saw me again to him I was a different person. I said something about not wanting to hurt his feet, and he said to me that there was someone else who often said that. He looked at me in wonder, and I smiled at him.

There are jumbled memories of other scenes. There was a young man who noted the tattoos on my arms, but by then I was in the wrong body and was leery lest he mistake my presence. So I lied about one and made the other appear mysterious by not divulging information.

But I have no idea what I was doing there.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Intergalactic Historian? Contracts and the Akashik Records

Listening to the interview, some things were spot on. Some of it sounded like a very garbled version of how it works - much like trying to read a history book that tries to explain the Vikings but still only manages to convey they could be vicious. Nevermind the Vikings were also matriarchal, loving, family orientated, etc...

His talk about the fifteen beings is true. I've met their tendrils, the ones that were aware they were tendrils. They were content with being tendrils. Proud of it even. Couldn't wait to go home and tell themselves their experience. Some were nice. Some were petty. Some were controlling. Some were all about free will. So he's telling the truth about their existence.

The thing I object outright to was his firm statement on the getgo that you can just change your contract wil-nilly. And I say from experience, no you can't. Or maybe I should say you shouldn't. Oh, you can change it. This is a free will thing. It's just if you decide you want a contract for the intent of getting something, you get what you want, and then break it... well...

This is how I've learned to think and feel about it:

You can enter a contract.
You can choose not to enter a contract.
You can break at any time, even at a selfish time.
You can ignore the contract.
You can honor the contract.
You can renegotiate the contract.
The contract is binding only so long as you are alive. When you are born, a new contract is written. I know this because I've had to have three contracts so far this life.
When a contract runs out you have the right to get a new one. You may not always be offered a new one.

One thing about free will people work very hard to ignore is the matter of consequence. I've had a lot of people come to me for contracts because they wanted this or that, and it's easier for some people to use a bridge as a messenger. Often it's in exchange for a favor or agreeing to follow a certain path. "You will have a better job but in return you have to take your child to the park every weekend" type of thing. In one case it was "your finances will stabilize but you'll need to be there for the group on the whole in some fashion" - and that's how I was able to finally go to see the Spear of Destiny in person.

There is a cost when you ask for specific favors because it takes a lot of work to rearrange plans and energies for your convenience. You are not the whole be all and end all of the universe. Not even I get to ask for arbitrary favors! That's why it's in my contract to get arbitrary favors.  ;-)

The problem is after they got what they want, they decide they want to break contract. So they do. This leaves a karmic debt, and if there's one thing that will fuck your life up in a major way it's a karmic debt. The more selfish, dishonorable and petty your actions to create the karmic debt, the bigger the fuck up.

It isn't that Quid Pro Quo is trying to hold people down or put you in a control state. It's that you put out negative energy, stole from the universe in a selfish fashion, and then cut lifelines to things that were set up based on your word in order to not have to pay back what can only be considered a debt to your own life. If you can't help it, well obviously it's not a negative thing. But those that do it on purpose then have things happen that leave them railing "I hate you God!!" when it's in fact their fault.

That selfish act to cut your contract in half is like splitting a karmic atom. The picture that comes to my mind is a swirling mass of black, dark and angry energy that the contract breaker brought into being. It's an explosion of the breach of contract. And it swirls around the lines and forces: the line where they were going to the story or the intent to see their grandparent before they pass. It can be very strong and very destructive. Picture Hurricane Katrina smashing into your personal energy field when you're trying to save your house. And it's not God's fault. It's not some bureaucracy in the sky. It's yours.

This is not to say that other people's ill actions and negativity can't affect you in the same fashion. It's saying that breaking a contract - which in affect is breaking a promise - has that effect and should never be taken lightly.

But don't worry, you're not bound in nasty ways forever. Instead of breaking a promise, try renegotiation. "I want out, is there some other way I can repay the energy?" type deal. If you think you're stuck relearning the same lesson over and over again, maybe it's up to you to make arrangements for new lessons. Or maybe it's up to you to simply stop going through the same rut over and over again. I mean if you learned the lesson why in the hell are you making the same mistakes?

We read over the terms of breaking contract. I actually had to have one of my personal counsel "whisper" in my ear what one sentence meant. LOL. When I call the Fishbowl I use straight forward language. "Hey you guys," to call every one to order for example.

He has written these contract breaking terms to be very limiting. For example they only call upon DNA lineage ancestors. So other blokes who are involved but aren't "family" as it were can't come?

I don't think he meant to. And he assigns you to earth (see: references to earth mother) when the contract is broken. Be careful what you're reading. If you really must break your contract be exact, precise in what you have to say, and know that every word you speak out loud has tons of consequence.

And if you do the break of contract for media, bank or government prepare to not open a bank account, never listen to the radio and try to live outside the law. The minute you participate you take their energy and they're taking yours. It's as simple as that. Learn some shielding and be careful with what you do instead.

I feel his contract breaking rituals are sorely lacking in that he doesn't end them with throwing marshmallows as people, as I have been doing for ten years.

Maybe I should shake things up and graduate to flaming marshmallows. Or fireballs. Whichever is brighter. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Same Soul, Many Lives

A blast from the past and a touch on the future for the start of the New Year!