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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UFOs / E.B.E. - President Reagans ET Briefing Serpo's Secret Files - MUFON.flv

Now speaking as though this briefing were the real thing - and it was investigated by MUFON so it's no walk in the park - there are at least two important things to note that completely counter the way the religious UFO nuts are talking these days. And then just a thing on how the world works. 1. There is indeed at least one hostile race. 2. The Nordics may just be bugs in disguise, because they can change their appearance to the naked eye. Mind you, the bugs have also been found to be in league with the Reptilians who also can put on a glamour (the old term for this). So you have to quest these beautiful beings that come to us speaking of love, light and anything else to lure people in. Karla Turner had a documented case of a man who was lured out by a beautiful blonde alien, and when he got there the reptilian dropped its disguise, slammed the man to the ground and pumped his stomach. Maybe we just have trouble thinking of bugs as ever gaining enough intelligence to know how to handle us like animals. Or lizards for that matter. But it's apparent they do indeed have such an intelligence. 3. The media has been getting used for longer than we thought. It's more blatant and money controlled now than it was then, but it's been going on. Of course Hitler was doing it before the 1950's... 4. Not every UFO is of alien origin. I remember stating in a MUFON meeting that most things in the sky were actually man-made in origin. It pissed people off. Yet here is a MUFON meeting where this meeting with President Reagan is brought up that talks about how we're led to believe things are of alien origin, when really in the end they're UFOs to us simply because we didn't identify them. 5. I notice nowhere in this conversation did anybody bring up bloodlines or talk about how wonderful it is to be a MKultra registered poodle. Just saying.