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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pacific Time Follow Up

I wish I knew why the hell people find my posts about things disjointed. I had also posted my "Pacific Time" post to Abovetopsecret to see if maybe some people might have something to say about the current MKultra phenomenon. I reread the post and to me it's quite, quite clear. It's presents the information in linear time. It doesn't hint. It says bluntly I even woke up during an abduction. And it just talks, after stating very clearly that maybe other people would have input.

I got your typical response from places like that. One person said "Do you even understand what you're saying?" because apparently they didn't. And I got accused of having a mental issue for fixating on it and being in need of a psychiatrist - not for fixing the mind control damage. *rolls eyes* I did not get a single bit of intelligent exchange, or communication, or anything like that. I was reminded why I rarely ever post in places like that.

These are people who supposedly want to research things like that, to make a difference, to turn the corruption around. And that's the response I got. Wow.

My husband got offended at me today because that stupid Revolution show had me bawling my eyes out while I washed dishes at the sink. He's mad because I supposedly don't give people a chance. When I said that every time I try to let someone close to me they go away or they do like the reaction I just read at that stupid forum. Of course he's the kind of person, he goes to whatever he's doing and he has a great time talking about shallow things like video games and toys and walks away thinking he made some pretty damn good friends. Whereas I'm a more quality type person. And it's true - my post is a good example of it. People just can't handle the water when it gets more than ankle deep.

Had another friend who I turned to needing to talk... she was suddenly unavailable. And you know, I rarely have the need to talk about this kind of stuff - I mean, not in a "I need to talk because I'm hurting" sense. Sure I'll talk about it, but it's not often I'm reduced to tears and made to feel small and vulnerable about it. And I needed a friend today. I really needed a friend. But that's not what I got, unfortunately. Which is normal.

No, I don't see the point in giving people a chance. I don't see the point not only because I couldn't care less about people much anymore, but because I simply do not have the time to waste. Nor the money. So screw it.

Just screw it.