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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ever get tired of the race card being used as a "burn witch burn" excuse?

And did many of you know that most of the people burned, drowned and beaten to death for being witches were actually done this way to remove them politically in order for the quid pro quo to claim their assets? It was never about religion at all. THINK about it.

I don't normally agree with Alex Jones. I think he has blown many chances to be a good example on the part of the things he claims to stand for. There have been times I've double checked his facts and discovered that what he was saying was exaggerated, sometimes to levels I simply can't condone. But. I then there are times he and his channel make a good point - and the fact that they manage to get people to open their eyes at all is a very important thing.

But always check the facts. Always look twice. Don't buy it as if you were a sheep. Be a ram.

That being said, this was something to pay attention to: