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Tuesday, February 3, 2004


I've been ill. Last night I finally took some Nyquill and went to bed. While waiting to fall asleep, i could swear I saw Bast standing over me. She didn't see me, she was looking off into the distance. She wore green. Being half out of my head from illness and drugs, i began to petition her for petty little things. Shiney toenails, you name it. Next thing I know, my vision is filled with this green eyeball. I asked, "Where did Bast go?" No answer, but I figured hell, this must be Bast's eye. But I was too sick to think to poke it. Then I dreamed that I'd fallen asleep in my Literature class and got woke up as the class was discussing the assignment that was due today. Exhaustion colored my thoughts like a slow haze. What a night.