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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reptilian visit, dream

As no one really knows, I'm the main artist and writer for www.akashikonline.com. This is a comic where I put in a lot of heavy information and material while making fun of the universe at the same time. It's great because my teammates are awesome in their parts; be it art, lettering or helping me write funny things. Anyway, I was drawing nagas for the next page. Only I was really tired and really loopy. So somehow the naga ended up having a snake puppet on his right hand. That was when I said, "OK. Too sleepy for this. I go bed now." My ritual, because this is not my house, is to make sure lights are off. If a light has to be on for people to see by I pick the dimmest, most efficient one. But usually I turn off all of the lights. However last night I was too tired so chose the light and made it a point that it was the only light on. My cell phone, which had been in use, had half of a battery left. So I did not plug it in. So. The inquisition began. Only it wasn't an inquisition so much as a discussion as I, to the Reptilian who had come to visit, discussed the nagas. And how the nagas in my brain were not cooperating by coming out onto the paper right. And how sock puppets were not my plan. He (it was a male, definiitely... I just rather knew it.) and I discussed this via mental telepathy, although I did most of the talking. The subject of Reptilians came up, and I discussed how I wanted to at least get them *right*. While he and I were talking, I studied his physique and clothing. I could see all of the knots and natural ridges a Reptilian naturally has. His leathery skin was a nice olive green-yellow. His arms were longer than a humans, but he was very humanoid. His eyes had no whites. They were black. His bumps and ridges were accented with burnt sienna red-brown. He had on a jump suit that looked like something someone would wear in an air hanger. It was the same color as his skin. It had a zip pocket on the front, and the zip area was white with a black corder. Kind of like a little bit of decoration but it had a purpose. The whole time I spoke with Mr. Reptile, I kept looking at his legs and jumpsuit studying the wrinkles and folds. And I kept wondering why on Earth his crotch was so baggy. It made no sense to me for him to have all of that excess room. I woke up at about 5 am or so. I was in bed and heard someone shuffling around. I got up. Every light in the house was on. No one was about. Everyone was still asleep. I turned off the lights and went back to bed. I woke up again and Choshu was using my cell phone, but she had it plugged in the wall. I said to her how I wished she hadn't used up my cell phone battery like that because I needed to use it this morning. And that was when I learned that my phone was completely dead when everyone else got up this morning. And that Choshu had had strange dreams all night, too. So yeah. A real visitation? Maybe.