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Saturday, May 2, 2009

dream, MILAB

In the first half of my night, I went to what I can only call the "UFO airport". I remember the lines, the passport lane, the people who were coming and going; the overall "department of driver license" feel of the place. I even remember the speckled brown tiles. But I can't remember why I was there. It was something about a final decision and a conference; something I had to go in person for. But the thing I've been pushing for: people coming all the way, the revealing of aliens amongst us, the total lucidity, the entire page, had finally been approved. The meeting was over. I was standing in line waiting to come to the woman who was handling ID's and such not, waiting to go home. There was a guy standing behind me. He was much taller than I am. The feeling of having such and individual beside me made me feel small, like a 4 foot tall person. He had very dark hair and wore a business suit. He held a soft briefcase over one shoulder casually. Somehow the final decision was brought up in discussion. It's like everyone was talking about it... and how it would reveal the presence of so many non-Earth types below. I said to the guy, "Well you know... we're everywhere." And I smiled, because he had been taking me as a total Earther the entire time and I knew it. He jerked back, startled, and I got a thrill of danger. I'm not sure why I got such a thrill. I just did. For some reason this causes enough concern that I had to go to this dark office where a higher-up official sat. The desk was huge, the office was huge, the windows overlooked the land in a huge way. I can't remember if I was taken away or simply went because that's where I was going in the first place. He expressed concern over what the change was going to mean; that the Earth countries and governments were going to lose their sovereignty in lieu of a space power. I said to him, "We (meaning, we as the sentients who live on the planet) will always be in control of someone. If you're worried about corruption or abuse of power, then look at who is running the show now. It doesn't matter in the end to us who is running things because essentially things will not change." As I said this I was thinking about how the stars would be open to use finally, and I realized that this would actually give us a greater avenue of freedom.... ... because it will be harder to track and ID us in such a wide space. I said something about that, too, but I wasn't clear on purpose. I didn't want him to know what I was thinking. And from here I know it was a real dream, but... one of those message dreams I get from time to time. In the beginning I found a Jesus phamplet. The prison camps that the conspiracy experts have been worried about in the past several years were finally opened... and the people they rounded up were different people like me: past-lifers, mostly. I don't know if there were other types or not. I was rounded up as the "Sephiroth archetype" - and I don't mean that this is what they called me. It was my personal term for what they called me. I do not know what they called me. I can't remember much of it. I mostly have fragments of memory of when the prison guards teased me, telling me how many others in that holding remembered the crimes I had committed so long ago and how they *still* held grudges against me. We each of us had an assigned psychiatrist type individual. I don't know if he really was a shrink, mind you. That's the type of role he played. I went to an appointment with mine - also a dark man in an office but this time the office was small - and he had on his desk a 3" black ring binder so full of sheets it could hardly be opened and read. This was my file; the information on my past lives and all the things I had done in this one. Things that were speculated about me. The works. I knew this. I also knew as he talked to me and handled the file that there was one for everyone in the compound and for others still on the outside. I also knew that when they were done with me, they would gas me. I had no fear of this. Another time I was outside in the little barren courtyard we were allowed to go out in once in a while. This is where I stepped outside to watch who it was I was playing. Or who was playing me - that part has never been very clear. He was a man in his thirties with long white hair. He wore a Chinese type white outfit: the prison uniform y'know. He had found Jesus because of that pamphlet and his predicament... and he was slightly off his rocker I suspect. He would collect the silver foil-type gum and candy wrappers, write proverbs and bits of the Bible on them with an old felt-tip pen, and then lick them. He called them the "licked papers" - and there was a pun to this I remember thinking that alluded to the trials and tribulations of Jesus but I can't remember it now. There was another person in the courtyard with him; a younger man. "Sephiroth" was licking his papers and writing. He handed a written one and a blank one to the guy and said, "You like licking papers, so you can lick them too." While this was happening I was confused. I asked myself what the hell was going on - why was he so calm when he was supposed to be the personification of the old me? Had his faith really helped him that much and why didn't that make sense?? I couldn't understand the meaning of the papers and overall... I was confused. After that he was taken to the psychiatrist again. They did something to trigger out the old persona and he changed: red eyes, crazy face... for some reason it reminded me of Shesshomouru from Inuyasha. With that enforced change where he became a little dangerous, they took him by the arms and he CALMLY ALLOWED them to take him to the gas chambers. I merged with him again. Down in the gas chamber there were two other men strapped to examination tables. They glared at me, and the prison guard gloatingly told me that these two guys in particular wanted to see me dead and had arranged this. As with other execution rooms in real life, there were the windows for people to watch. But I could see through them... and the rooms were filled with all of my inmates. But I didn't die. They walked me straight through to a room in the back, where I had a conversation with someone... but I cant' remember about what.