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Sunday, November 1, 2009

alien abduction

My husband stayed asleep on the bed and I knew my daughter was somewhere nearby. Even though we were in our house, we were also in some building underwater. I could breath, and I could feel the weight of the water. And "they" were coming. So I hid under an ornate Roman table from them and hoped they could not see me. They came in through my bedroom window: red with large black eyes. One came at me. And hatred filled me. I grabbed it by the throat. One moment I had been hiding in hopes not to be seen, the 2nd I had been hiding for an ambush. I had the little creature by it's throat and I was trying to kill it. It's eyes reminded me of Reticulans. I told it that it was going to die. Immediately it folded inside of itself and then outward like some strange organ or flower. It became a strange organ resembling a giant bottom lip with two suckers on it. The suckers looked like blood platelets. I knew that if those suckers got on me it would suck me away and carry me away, so I dropped the creature. All around me the chupacabras had turned into these strange sucker things. But if they would suck out my soul or take my physical body I'm not clear on.