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Friday, February 18, 2011

super powers

At the turn of the century when my black princess programming was first getting awoken, I was living with a would-be cult and the 2nd in command (who was really more like a leader). If you Saw him with his glamours off, he was large and full of tendrils. I couldn't handle the pressure of being so near this being while having him mess with my mind at the same time, so I started to fall apart. And the merging process was happening too quickly. I don't think he knew what he had in his house, to be honest, that he'd decided to tamper with. Which would explain why he broke into real tears once, looking into my head at my small childhood, or would get confused when one of my altars would take over his body and speak through him. He knew a lot, but was also very ignorant. One day I was washing dishes in my part of the house when he came home from work. In that merging state all twelve of your sense are raw and wide open, so when he walked in I didn't see the dumpy human. I was startled by the bright tendril monster. What happened next was like in a Hollywood movie. By trained instinct, I turned and shot a volley of light darts in his direction. About six came out of my right hand (the hand of power) and hit him in a scattered array. I stood there with my back against the sink and watched them soak into his body while he looked down calmly. Then I was hit with, "Omigosh! I remembered how to do __-!" and the following conversation was more me bouncing on my toes in joy that I'd managed to do something and him claiming that they'd bounced off his "armor'. When he'd made that claim I didn't say anything, but they did NOT bounce off. Shortly after that he spent a lot of time sick in bed.