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Saturday, May 7, 2011


We were magical creatures; I and those I was with. They weren't anyone I know in real life. And I was a queen, their queen, while at the same time there was a blonde queen. I, the dark one. She, the fair. There were rules, and orders, and a need to stay out of sight. And I, finding a hollow tree embedded in rock we could live and hide in. We were pregnant, both we queens, and I was in slow labor. I'm not sure about her. It was her they worried about the most. My daughter was there; she was the princess. She was going to school, but as our identities were hidden while we remained in exile no one knew what they had in their possession. And I felt that was best. But at the end of the dream, the fair one's feelings broke and she ran away. She ran so fast. I couldn't stand being left behind no more than I could stand being shut up, hidden, in that tree while soldiers looked for us day after day. So I ran after her. I'm a slow runner, and she left me behind. But I had an advantage. I knew the way, I knew the path she would take. When I lost sight of her cloak, I kept going. I would turn a corner and she would be there, resting against a tree, hiding behind a rock. So I kept running. We ran across a field to the wall edge of the thick black forest. I woke up before I reached those sheltering trees and freedom. Later there was a repeat dream about dragons in the sky, a long bridge over whatever, and dragons catching on fire while birds attacked them. Have had the dream before. Took pictures with my camera.