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Friday, September 30, 2011

milab, alien, fort polk

Yesterday morning I woke up from a dream in which an alien had come down to take over the world, and I was all set to stop him. It wasn't a violent dream. In fact I handled the alien like I handle my husband: I simply reached up and took his glasses off. (My husband is all but blind.) And then we got into an argument over the evil powers that are taking over the country, and the alien accused me of wanting to surmise the order. I defended the situation and said that yes, I was aware of what was going on but people needed to realize that the situation could "still be stopped legally". It was just a dream, I'm sure of it. I'd got up with my husband when he went to jump and went back to bed. You know how dreams are: you pretty much make up what's happening as you go along and even will make up information. But even so, I woke up genuinely frightened of what I may have told the handlers - what were they thinking, and was I in trouble. It wasn't a nightmare fright when you wake up. It was the other kind of fear. Sometimes I think that the things around me are all in my head, and I'm trying to feel special about myself in some way. But if I'm making it up, why worry so much?