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Friday, June 21, 2013

An old image, a new revelation

Driving puts you in an automatic trance - when you first start to learn hypnotherapy you most likely will be told that.  When you're as close to remembering as I was, it means information is bound to pop into your head. This happened to me one day when I was driving the hour's drive from my house to the nearest art supply store.

The image that popped into my head was, I thought, that of some sort of thermal reactor power source. I grabbed a handy scrap of paper and sketched it as soon as I could, but unfortunately I wasn't able to give the detail I had seen. The diagram in my head didn't have much for labeling, but in that instant I knew what each part was for, why it did what it did, how deep everything was, the works. What came out on paper was this:

It's very deep, I can't remember how far deep, and doesn't need to be near a river although in this case I was thinking of it being near a river - but I also was about to drive over the Mississippi River. The heat and the cold have different levels, with the heat occupying the top half of the walls. The scribbly lines there is water in a containment unit that encompasses the entire thing. And it's a few years later since I've drawn this and I can't remember what the rest means. This was a quick sketch of how the unit used the earth's natural temperatures and natural resources to power itself and things attached to it, such as a facility. I wish I could remember exactly how it worked, because that explanation there isn't very close.

Today I was listening to a clip from some interviews concerning the Malmstrom incident. A diagram was put up of the facility and I have had to stop the footage. Here is what I see.

It's my design. These missiles are not thermal power devices as far as I can tell: not even the same creature. Except that later in the interview the gentleman mentions the missiles are self-supporting. And it's what was in my head.

I don't know who personally designed the thing - most likely definitely not me - but I do know one of my dominant other sides of life works on things like this. She's repaired space objects, she has a team, and... I knew about this.

I wish I could remember. I don't want to die not remembering.

I had a dream about implants last night. Ha! My fault for worrying about them so much. The thing was behind my ear again, but it was flat so that the lump would be faintly noticeable. But I knew it was there and kept picking at it.