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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eve Lorgen - Archons, Djinn and ETs Disrupting Spiritual Communities

It's basically a good interview although they ranted way too much about how women should be in power and how much women are better a bit way too much. Yes, the patriarchal mentality has proven to be a problem. But when one of them said you won't find any matriarchal cultures anywhere on the planet and Eve said she thought there might be some cults left in India, I felt like maybe they'd been blowing smoke out their asses the entire time.

But I have a degree in anthropology. I clearly remember studying about more than one matriarchal culture while in class. That still exists.

Maybe that's the propaganda, because one anthropology theory is that going patriarchal is a natural evolution of civilization. So we're told it's been stamped out and only primitive neanderthals would have been matriarchal. And so we come to the conclusion that women leading makes things somehow inferior.

Who knows.