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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Alien Nation? (dream)

There were 3 space aliens: mom, dad and baby. Mom was fuschia, Dad was.. no wait, Mom was purple, Dad was fuschia, and the baby was.. um.. can't remember. And they'd taken over an American space craft because they thought it was abandoned. THey had it fixed up real nice. They had things around their heads. Mom's were colored light bulbs, Dad's were colored hooks, and I can't remember baby's. The American government, when they discovered this alien family, had them removed. I don't know what planet they ended up on, but it was earthlike. They were the only aliens there, and all of the U.S. were against them. It was sad, really. I defended the aliens to a general at some point, and he was like "is that so?" and I was like "SO!" and next I know, the damn calvary is after me. THey had an empty horse in their ranks. I stole it, or was thinking of stealing it, to get away, but then I woke up.