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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dream, MILAB

I worked in a military compound, although it looked more like a rebel base. The building was one of those low buildings - something like one of those old trucker hotels - that was converted. It was run down and filthy, and it was in the middle of nowhere. By the middle of nowhere I mean there was nothing around it, and the terrain was dirtland. The roads were dirt. There were tanks, sort of, rather like background color in the beginning. There was a group of people, something like a councel that was lead by five people or so. I forget how the hierarchy goes. Men and a woman. The woman had black hair that was cut in a low fly back so that it layered right at her chin. SHoulderlength. A real bitch. She was mean to me throughout the dream, but I forget how. I was nothing in the dream; a nobody. I forget my job. Pixie was there - I forget how he got there. He was taller than me, his skin was paler (although he still had his little philipino face) and he was wearing a red shirt (totally unlike him). Something the black haired woman did pissed him off when we were in the front yard. He looked down at first, but he lost his temper anyway (also not like him) and he started screaming at her, telling her to fuck off. She also was screaming, putting her little face up as much as possible towards his. He grabbed her face with these enormous hands, as if he were going to break her neck, while they yelled at each other. I ducked beneath his arms to get inbetween them, and I pushed back by his chest/shoulders. I kept saying, "Pixie! Pixie! Calm down.. think about the tiger! Concentrate on the waterfall, meditate on the tiger! The tiger!" In my mind I knew I was trying to tell him to meditate and control his anger like in the monkery, but I also knew that a tiger was the last thing to concentrate on. But I cried this to him anyway, pushing him away as hard as I could to save the woman. (At the gymn I press 80 to 100 lbs on my legs, but it was a hard fight to push him back.) After a minute, he said, "She's not worth it," and turned his back on the affair. I went back to work as if it was nothing. But the event meant Pixie and I had to flee the compound as fast as possible.I remember thinking, "But I saved her life!" while I got ready to flee. We were at the high fence (which was littered all around it) trying to find a way out, when someone inside the compound shot the woman dead. Tanks started to come from far away to address the issue... the leader was dead? I think? I don't know. I wasn't afraid... I knew we wouldn't be pinned for it because we had already begun to leave, but yet we were still trying to get out. I woke up about that point to learn that Pixie's best friend Rachel had had a similar dream, only she stabbed the black haired woman who turned into someone else and fled. Instead of tanks there were old busses.