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Friday, December 24, 2004

dream, MILAB

I dreamed about gateways again last night. They were gateways I had visited before, things I had done in my dreams before. I'm not sure about the plot line, though. But it started out eleven years ago. Eleven years ago, myself and a blond "sister?" (friend?) were in a large household. WE lived there, that was our home, and we were playing hide and go seek or something with the other kids. Somehow me and my friend stumbled through a mirror and ended up eleven years in the future. But we did not know that. Our mother, who was an overweight harsh woman with black hair in the style of the turn of the century - come to think of it just about every dress was similar to that as if inspired from it - was still the same. There were more kids around the house, tho, and we played with them. No one said a word to us. Don't ask me, but Frodo was there. Yeah, Frodo from the blockbuster movie. He showed me how to walk through one of the mirrors to go places, but told me never to do so in the winter. There were gateways in the house, apparently, but the time he showed me it only took me to the other side of the house. So me and my sister/friend were playing hide and seek with the other kids, and we decided to use the mirror to get to the other side of the house (it was huge. Think miniature Rosered) to get away from the kid who was "it." We bolted for the mirror, and almost got tagged, but melted through just in time. Just beyond was a closet door, so we opened it. There was a nother closet door, and another and another. I locked the third behind me, remembering that it had a little nail lock from another dream. I remember turning my head just before reaching that 3rd door and seeing Frodo on the other side of the mirror. He was shaking his head "no!" in urgency, trying to tell us not to go through the gate. I remembered he had said something about winter, but I was determined. I was already on my way, so we kept going through the gates and at the end somehow (I forget how) had to dive in water. And up we came, but there was ice! (Which I thought strange as we broke through) We came up sopping wet and walked out into the house, only things were different. Very different. The house was more American, ranch style for starters. There were fences, electric ones, everywhere. We explored, and I was confused. We started to go down the long driveway but there was a blackbear sleeping by the metal gate. So I turned us around, and we walked back toward the house, looking for a way in through the fences. Don't ask me how but my friend turned into a black bear and I got her to ride me for a few feet until I realized she was a bear and I let go. Somehow we got in. WE snuck in through the side somehow. We came upon a darkish room with the kids there. They were our siblings, but they were... well... nice. People here were nice. That was fucked, for me, cuz I knew something was off. The boy and two girls giggled at us coming and apparently didn't recognize us. One of them, the youngest (who was about 7 or 9) was still in diapers. The others were about our age or older when we used to be older. We somehow got out the door and to the main room where our mother was. She was holding a picture of her holding her eldest son, a brother I remembered but hadn't seen in the dream, and the eldest son was gravely hurt .She was grieving. tHe picture was very cartoonish - in my style even - and drawn in red. While listening to her explain to us what had happened to him (some accident) I finished drawing his legs for her. Thre was another adult standing to my left during this. At this point they told us that we looked like the siblings who had disappeared eleven years ago. The shock to me was astounding. I was like, do the fuck what? Then I remember *our* version of home and how things had changed and realized that's what had happened. We'd been jumped forward eleven years. And somehow me and my sibling/friend decided we had to leave. So we started for the mirror, but when we got there we found a .. well it was made of brick and looked Roman and it was a door. WE opened it. There was another. We opened it. There was another. On and on for twelve doors or so. AT this point I was getting real nervous. Then the family came in behind us, wondering what we were doing. We opened and shut doors and went as fast as we could, trying to reach and get through the gate before they caught us. AT the end, I had to break the final door. The doors had been getting smaller and smaller, until finally I punched the last one. All of the doors fell forward and we were in a cavern or something. The door slabs fell to the dark earth below, and I thought, "We have to jump in THAT?" Then I noticed that just above eye level was a tiny window; a window to our house. As fast as I could, I opened it. OUR mother was sitting on the other side. Just in time! The family had come up behind - sweet bumbling people that they were. "Mother,"I said through the window, "Tell everyone here they're not allowed to be here!" She looked up and snapped, "You people are not allowed back there! Get out!" Because she looked just like THEIR mother, they believed her and went "Awwww." Clearly they were deflated. Then I said, "Mother, tell them I'm on restriction and have to go in now!' She snarled and said so. She clearly enjoyed punishing me. And that's how me and my sibling/sister/brother (ever since we found out we were the missing brothers, our sex was in doubt) escaped and went home. There was a final view of what happened to the "nice" family. They'd taken the wrong gateway out and somehow ended in another alternate of our house. There was a tall building being build on the spot and everything was cleared away. The family sat ona blanket just beyond the construction, but at the top of a tower the house was being built. And the nice mother was complimenting the construction workers in a lustful way so that they all threw things at her. I can't remember the final event, I was coming into wakefulness at that point..... but yeah. More gateways. Reference to the damn eleven year thing. I blame you. *point*