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Thursday, December 16, 2004


The woman across the street that was my mother's sister until she married a white man, went Xtian and took to calling us "trash" and trying to be above her birth ... lives across the street, as I've alluded already. Her house is big and white, fenced in. She and it were in my dream. But they were almost background color. The dream is sketchy now, of course. I remember that her yard was covered in water. The water was green and full of algae; it was very unhealthy for swimmers. It had no fish and no other life in it. It was just stagnate dirty water. I forget were I was going to, but I travelled often in this dream. At one point I had a tall fuzzy man of a companion, but he only stood by my left side as if guarding me. There was a moment of fear, but I can't recall what happened now. There was mostly the water. I had to swim in it. The water was nowhere else in the neighborhood, just piled high over the woman's yard. And her gate had become a gateway, with the opening being a 6 pointed star... at least I think it had six sides... as I would pass through I'd notice that it were a hexagram or something but was more interested in swimming past the water before I suffocated than anything. So I'd go to the gate and swim into it, and I'd swim through the water where her yard once was. And by this I ended up in the various locations, as I have mentioned before. I only remember two of them. One was a house by the sea. It had three stories, and I'd been there before in other dreams. I did not stay there long. The other was a place where a woman stood guard by the doorway. This is whenI had my companion with me, and the woman across the street had brought us. I believe this was our first trip. We went to the door, and I think it was the door to a church. THe building was dark brown, as was the woman's hair, and she looked hateful. She wasn't going to let us in, even though we were both artists (I don't know how i knew this). I grew angry at her attitude and started to walk away. She opened her mouth to say something about God and Xtians, and I said, "No...!" I forget what else I said but it was to the effect of that the moment she started in on her Xtian crap I knew I didn't want in. I did dream a nifty slogan. Someone was wearin ga black t-shirt (and they were somehow me or something) that read, "Walk the rope as if it's well insured." I'll polish it up. Use that. The gate was neat. The star was a modified star of david with a full metal alchemist over theme. The star itself was two overlapping triangles surrounded by a circle. There was a second smaller circle on the inside so that the tips of the star made more circles. When I went to go thorugh it, the inside would open because it was overlapping triangular pieces of metal or summin. The gate was kinda corroded or summin. BUt in good shape. Just.. weathered and off color?