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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


There is an old wives' tale that to dream of a wedding is to actually dream of a death or funeral. Just so, to dream of a funeral is to actually foretell a wedding. I believe the first half of that myth is true because before my grandmother died, I dreamed I was at the church for her wedding, and she ascended a spiral staircase in a beautiful wedding gown. She was young with black hair again and thin; very beautiful. The way I've always somehow remembered her, even though I was born when she was old. What does it mean, then, to dream of your own wedding? It's something I've been having a dream of repeatedly for as long as I can remember. It used to be that I was merely betrothed against my will, and I would run to dodge the situation. It was like Runaway Bride, but with a prince wondering where the hell I was while I took off. The dreams of the situation have occurred less and less as I have grown older. This morning as I woke up from two consecutive dreams, I realized that the event has also gotten closer and closer with each dream. Before, it was an unwelcome proposal. Lately, the dream ended with me trying to prepare for the sacred ceremony - not just any ceremony, a very special one. So like a knight in his vigil, I had to prepare in some special way. Last night... I actually put on the damn dress. Let me begin. The plot line is mostly jumbled from the first dream, so I cannot begin to recount it for you. There was a sheriff. There was me, there was my betrothed. There was a satin white dress with puffy sleeves and a thin waist. The images go in order like this a best I can tell: I am working underneath the sheriff somehow, but yet I'm not an employee. There are mysteries and prisoners. My fiance this time is not a prince or a strong red warrior or anything like that. (This is unusual.) But it is still arranged, but I forget how. He's a dark man, so I think he's of Hispanic origin somehow... a foreigner in my mind definitely... but he does not speak with a foreign accent. It is night, we are tired, the sheriff tells me not to sleep in the same bed with my fiance because he tosses in his sleep. But that's the only place TO sleep, so I do. There was no sex. I woke up with a purple nose, though, from where he hit me in his sleep. I think it was broken. I favored it the rest of the dream. We woke up on the morning of the wedding, so I put on that damn dress. While getting ready, I walked to the desk where the sheriff was and stepped on a pin needle. I pulled it out of my bare foot, and there was a note attached to it that the sheriff noticed (that I did not). He unrolled it. Written in red ink was a ransom note from 1976. It said that some person had stolen the ashes to the sheriff and deputy that had died back then. A crime mystery was just solved by this. The sheriff took off in his truck to track the criminals down. For some reason it was up to me to cook all of the food and make all of the reception preparations. I can't cook. The reception would be a disaster. Heh. I don't know if the next part was a second dream or just a jump in plot line, but it started with the smurfs. Remember the Smurfs? Yeeeaaah... when they were travelling somewhere, Brainy would always whine, "Are we there yet, Poppa Smurf?" Heh. I loved those little guys. So it's a mall setting, and the Smurfs are travelling in two lines. One is lead by Poppa Smurf and the other is lead by Brainy. They happened to cross paths, and Poppa Smurf somehow tricked Brainy so that his group could cross first. This devastated Brainy for some reason, and he wailed with a large mouth, "Poppa Smurf, how could you?!?" Poppa Smurf told Brainy that he would always pick his children first. This devastated Brainy further. He wailed louder and his line seemed to merge with Poppa Smurf's while the old smurf and his smurfs smurfed across the way. The area they were crossing looked like a bridge over a chasm to them, but it was a mall area so it could have been a banister for all we know. Someone was there looking at the mall map; a human. I was there, too, He pointed to the map and told me that the smurfs were headed to the wedding and he had to stop them. On the map was a blue pentacle that had been drawn through the mall; it represented the smurfs' path. The man told me that the smurfs were headed towards the ticket booth. Said ticket booth was a the final point to the star. It was then that it was revealed to me that the pentacle was drawn by two blue lines. Now that I am awake, I have to assume that each line was either Brainy's or Poppa Smurf's group. The lines were about to converge at wherever the ticket booth was. The man took off toward the ticket booth, and I also took off. I went a separate way, though, and was in a large hurry to get there first. I somehow was holding a brown binder; something hand written that had to do with evidence or the story or something. And then I came across a pool, for I had went to the second floor to get there faster and it was all pool. So in my wedding dress, I jumped in the water and tried to swim to get to the other side, which I knew would lead to the stairs down to the ticket booth and get me there faster. I wanted to just walk around the pool, but the water lapped up to the walls and I could not. So I swam as hard as I could, worried that the book was getting wet, smelling the chlorine and feeling my dress drag (but not hold me back, oddly enough). And that's where I woke up... swimming... dressed and on my way to the wedding. This is the farthest I have ever come in the wedding theme dreams. I'm very close now. And I'm still oblivious.