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Monday, April 11, 2005


Had another Boomtown dream last night. I've no clue if this one can be interpreted, because it was fucking weird. Anyway, so I'm standing between the threshold of your "office" and the dressing room. Things were pretty dark and dusty in there. I could see the dust on the walls - well as well as I could see, being as I'm astrally blind and all. I could make out these metal bracket things above the mirror, but overall I guess I was just taking the scenery for granted. You took some florescent lights out of the ceiling, which had changed to have florescent lighting. Told you this was weird. Anyway, you handed three to five of the bulbs to me. You wanted me to put them away as you continued standing on the chair to reach the ceiling. Yep. Somehow we were short enough to do that. So I'm standing there with these really long bulbs in my left arm. I remember that when I accepted them, I did so with my right arm. I got a flash of my sleeve, which was some sort of green with yellow flecks I think. The bulbs reached from the floor to my chin. One of them was burned out so that it was grey-black inside while the others looked okay. I knew as I held them that although they looked like normal flourescents, when lit they were black lights It worried me that you'd taken them out, and I fretted about where to put them. That's when I noticed the state of the interior. So. There you have it. I'm betting that one won't be as literal as the last.