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Thursday, April 14, 2005


I was in Boomtown, helping the Jack. We were moving props and things.... and singing together. Brown was the major theme in this dream. We both wore brown. Everyone was there, but they all wore white. That's okay, because I couldn't see their heads. It's like the Jack and I were the only real people in the room. And even stranger is that although we were singing together or he was telling me what to do, he never said a word. Not one. He would just look at me, and I continue to sing. I didn't sing a song, just a melody. Just my voice going up and down as I sang notes. Notes, like I do when at the beach calling to the powers that be. Just notes. I thought to myself that we'd been doing it all night, and then woke up. I didn't feel like I'd rested at all. I was sleepy all day. So I told the Jack the dream today, and he showed me all the work he'd done all night long. Laughed when I remarked that singing the Phantom together might not have been a good idea. Mischievous Puck!