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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Sometimes, I have mentioned in the past, I'll ask, "Please show me something" as I lay down to sleep. Last night I asked, "Please show me myself... in the future." It was a selfish request, I am aware, but its not something I've ever asked my "gods/spirits/whatever" directly before. Oh, sure I've gotten card readings, but this time I just... wanted it direct, I suppose. I was shown ocean water on the high seas. I said, "No no, show me myself! Myself!" I was shown two other things, but only one stuck with me. It started out as a temple building on a high mountain. It was a very 2d image: as if only a metaphor. My spirit flew to it, and I entered tall high doors. Inside the doors was a bare, cold stone room where two or three angels spoke. They were not the glowbright angels, mind you, but the feathered-type of popular dogma. They were men, but I could only see one clearly: a nearing middle-aged man who had once been strong. He said to the other, "Ten angels in the world, working for the (good?) of mankind." As he spoke, he turned away from the other - who was in his late teens or early twenties - and walked to the only window of the room to look out into the blue expanse of sky where their building was. I opened my eyes, then, wondering what in the hell this had to do with my future. I'll probably never figure it out.