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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Rocky shores, with sand... and I was there with ... Cas, I think. My father, definitely, and that is where we lived; in tents along the shores. But a world storm was coming, so my father said, and I could feel it, too. He wanted us to pitch our tents on the high cliffs, but (so he said) the waves were going to be 100 feet high. Is this cliff high enough? I asked. It was a small cliff. No, he said, looking at it. By that time I had a small crowd of people with me, but I do not remembered the others. They were almost background music, but yes. A small crowd was with us. Browns. My father told me how high the waves were going to be, and I said, "Oh, we'll have to move to --" andI talked about another area nearby that had super high rock mountain cliffs by the water. That was where we would have to go, it was decided, in order to not be killed by the water. The clouds were forming overhead, but the air was calm. I worried about it. I worried about getting the people to move their tents to sucha place. I worried about how we would put tent stakes into the granite, and worried about what would happen if the winds ripped the tents away. But either the dream changed or I went into a second dream, but it was in a house. We were borrowing it, and it was furnished with beautiful things. And I had a Japanese decorated dining room set! So I was worried about how to arrange my furniture. There was a woman staying with us who was "rich". I worried about whereto put her, too. She didn't even know how to wash dishes, although it was kind of her to offer. My father was washing the dishes as he also sat ON the dishwasher. I worry, about those rising winds....