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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dream, vision

I am in the middle of a move from Florida to Illinois right now. This was a vision had while in a hotel. Saraen and Rebecca were with me in the other bed. I wasn't asleep. I was laying there *trying* to go back to sleep, but I was also thinking. You see recently I spoke with an oracle who also turned out to serve the Fishbowl. Like all the rest, she warned me to lay low because my life was in danger. -_- I was considering this and imagiining a conversation with Saraen. I do that a lot; imagine conversations. It's like a simulator in my head. Suddenly Saraen said to me, "Blue, I want you to bond with me." She grabbed my fright hand, and I could feel it in this vision. I jerked my hand away and said, "Bond with what?" because this upset and startled me. Suddenly all was blackness and in the blackness there was an old circlet: one of the old old ones you can only find in memory. The metal was flat and there were no decorations, as it must be. It was very shiny. I studied the gleams and curvatures for a minute before realizing what was going on. So I sat up in bed and chewed Saraen out. LOL. She was so confused.