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Thursday, October 16, 2008

dream, vision

there was this holy grail and a lady and a lake and cup and a knight and golden fish and venice and I'll describe it as soon as I get internet connection b/c choshu is describing this for me. thats it this is just a reminder for me to put this in here and give choshu a raise. and a broken wedding ring. EDIT: Well, Choshu can't get a raise because she didn't ask for it. She just put a hint here. That's unprofessional so she can forget it. =^-^= Earlier in the night I dreamed that someone stole my video cameras. I was upset. I woke up at about 2 am and tossed and turned for about an hour and a half. I don't even remember relaxing enough to fall asleep again. The second dream started in the city on the water; the one like Venice that I dream about often. It's always the same city and I'm always passing through or in some sort of trouble. This time the dream was set like a movie, and I would switch in and out from being the feminine hero and the watcher. The feminine hero was a thin Caucasian woman with long, black curly hair. She looked like I used to look during the "Dark Ages", back when I used to pray to Mother Mary for release from an arranged marriage. I have a faint memory of wearing (or the heroine wearing) a white skirt that was layered. It was a pretty skirt. As she/I traveled around, there would be people she/I would meet that were hurt or needed help. Each time she/I would rip off a bit of the skirt to make a makeshift bandage or something. The skirt got more and more tattered as the dream went on. There was a street vendor who had an empty wooden cart. He had a wedding and engagement ring set that he sold to me. I put them on my finger where my rings are in real life and forgot about them. I'm not sure how it happened, but a knight dressed in armor from the early Dark Ages picked me up and carried me through the sky to a grassy place with a clear lake. The water in the lake was crystal clear; pure with no algae or anything. Even the dirt alongside the lake bank seemed clean. The grass was soft and very green. I couldn't really see the terrain much farther than that, not that I tried. The knight had dark hair which was cut short and a beard. He was big-boned and not necessarily muscular, but he certainly wasn't a wimp either. His armor was darkest brown; leather I should think. That's how I'm thinking I can place the era. After the 12th century the armor got a bit more fancy and expensive. He sat me on a pedestal that was by the lake. It was like a bar stool, but it was a pedestal. She/I sat prettily in my tattered skirt as he began to talk to me about things. I can't recall all that he said, but I do remember that his voice was like Sean Connery's. His final statement was, "You need to find my golden cup." And beside him over his shoulder was an image of a plain goblet that someone had dipped in gold. As the knight talked to me I looked at my wedding ring set. The ring was a simple small gold band; very old. It looked like beaten gold alloys that one recovers from an archaeological dig. It was breaking, too, in two places. I worried that it was going to fall apart at any minute. Then I was being woke up from where I slept by the side of the lake by my travel partner. I'm not sure where he came from, just that he had found me from far away. He had sun-bleached blond hair that would have been brown if left out of the sun. He was very pretty, the way a movie star is supposed to be. He wanted to know if I was okay, but she/I was very distressed upon waking. "I'm supposed to have a harem!" she/I proclaimed. He said incredulously, "WHAT?!!?" Imagine being the possible movie love interest and the girl says something like that. She, as I watched, went into a tirade as she began ripping the final ruffle off of her skirt. It was down to the under slip now; the thin cloth that's almost see-through that is normally used as an underlining on fancy skirts like that. (The skirt, now that I ponder it, was a gypsy skirt pattern.) She ranted as she ripped, "I've been doing it all wrong. I was supposed to die as a cardinal, but now I see I've got it all wrong." She ripped and ripped and pulled and I remarked, "Is she going to have any skirt left?" A presence that was watching this with me sent waves of disapproval at my sarcasm. Properly reprimanded, I fell silent. The woman bunched the strip of cloth into her arms and jumped backwards into the clear lake. I saw her jump in from the bottom of the lake; her back splashed in. Then I was her again as my back bumped against a clear box that was in the lake. It was a force field, and I turned in the water to look down at the dry protected lake bottom. "What do you want with my lake?" a voice demanded. For some reason I pictured the voice's owner to be a small yellow fish. "This is my lake, and I've got the force field on. You can't come in here." Somehow I ended up on the side of the lake standing next to the partner guy. I talked to the little fish, trying to bargain. "Please let me go down there and fix the force field machine." (or something like that.) "Why?" the fish wanted to know. "It already rained once today, and it's working fine." I knew that what the fish was talking about was that the machine controlled the weather to make it rain regularly every day. "Yes," I said, "but I need it to rain twice so that I can someone everyone after 15 years." That's when I woke up. And yes, I did check my wedding rings. The dream was so seeped into my head I was reminded that my real wedding ring looks nothing like the band in the dream. This was an important dream. It wasn't until I was in the shower that I realized I'd been told to search for the Holy Grail of all fucking things. And the lady of the lake was a male yellow fish. Go figure.