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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Council on High

I was doing yoga a few days ago, a day in which a hateful little troll told me that the advice MZB and RP had passed down to me from their vast experience was a load of BS. This upset me, of course... to be told that the past year was a waste of time because I spent some of it making sure a certain comic script was tidy and worth my attention. (I dislike last minute scripts. You can tell a last minute script in a lot of cases. The dialogue is usually crappy, the characters .5 dimensional much less only 1, and the overall flow says "I'm a lazy writer!".) So I was doing yoga and obeying the commands of a long gone temple to forget about the pathetic little son of a bitch. While stretching I began to wonder. "Y'all know I won't because it wouldn't be justified," I said to the Fishbowl at large, namely the Council of 9 my personal bunch of old men... and whomever else was listening, who can say.... "But... if I WERE to decide to punish that little bastard for trolling me like that, you wouldn't stop me... right? RIGHT?" The response was a vision of the color purple. "What the fuck," I thought as I pulled away disgusted at the response. As I pulled away, however, I also was able to step away from what they were showing me and got a better view. It wasn't just the color purple that they showed to me. It was a cluster of purple grapes. What the hell. While I was driving and pondering the message, someone up there said to me, "The grapes of WRATH you idiot!" LOL Point taken.... but... that wasn't what I was asking, people! I was asking if I really was the boss or was I going to have to go all grape on them!