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Friday, January 1, 2010

Jaded (from) Jacksonville 18

Just my philosophy on finding your soul mate - what with Valentine's Day coming and all. -and an old channeled Fishbowl report. If I had more time to do things, it would not be an old Fishbowl report because it would be on the 'net by now. But. It's an old Fishbowl report. This is all old footage from 2009, and it might stay that way until 1. I catch up and 2. my stolen camera is replaced somehow. Being as insurance companies are all thieves, I suspect that's not happening anytime soon. =^-^=

I try to use only work and music I find from open source avenues - so if it was marked as open source, I pretty much thought it was alright. As a result, all of my Jaded in Jax files are open to use under the fair rights act as well as for your own derivative works. Not that anything I do is good enough for that.