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Friday, July 9, 2010

council on high

Peter Moon. Well I think it was Peter Moon. I was in my bedroom, standing by my bed. For some reason he called me, but instead of my cellphone I picked up an old landline receiver. He was very confused as to why he had called. The color of the conversation was dark blue/grey. At first I tried to discuss MILAB things, but he hedged away from the topic. He tried changing it, but it was as though he couldn't formulate a sentence. Being as I was taking him to be a famous editor (for some reason), I finally guided him to talk to me about my comic book. "Tell me about your stories," he finally asked as if having a Eureka moment - this is what I'm supposed to be talking about. So I did. There was also a Matrix rip-off dream: something to feed the desires of everyone about being the One and found. I in a city street: them in their black cloaks literally stepping out of light poles. Getting chased by reptiles that came out of the concrete. It turned into a cartoon movie which made me want to cry. Old hobos wiping mirrors to see the story that was told play in them. I've been working with a lot of hobos lately. There was also a moment when I knew I was laying in bed and a series of tones was being played. It reminded me of the beginning to Firefly by Owl City. Then a thought was put into my mind by a low male voice. It was a mode of thinking to turn around something I was already pondering. I knew it for what it was and that shattered the "dream". Fishbowl had a summit the other day. Yes, I did attend... it's the only real activity we've had in a while. Since I've managed to make contact with some people in the proper way *and* another demand of mine (meeting some in person with my "court') may be answered in a few days.... I shall reopen Council and stop doing everything by myself. See, they're mortals here too. They also hate being left out I guess.