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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Council on High

Loki was on a cloud nearby as Choshu and I read cards. He offered his service. At first he said it was free. When I didn't buy into it and asked him what he got out of the deal, he said he would do it for a bottle of wine. Choshu fell for it. So did Lhung when I told him later. I guess you have to know a trickster very well to catch when they're fooling you. Deals were made, but I no longer have hope for anything. "You were gaining lucidity all along," the Fishbowl pointed out as negotiations happened. Yes, I told them. But the masters caught on and they put me back to square one. I need help, and I find no such thing with the mortals. Not that, nor loyalty, nor even a husband willing to defend his family. .... Wake time visions.... Had another nightmare last night. Tim went to a super soldier program and was physically enhanced. He was given the tube by which the liquid would be poured into your body. He felt that it was stupid how they handled the super drug: by keeping it in a locked box and refusing access unless there was dire need. We were at a two building hotel for this. And he left me behind again; on the cell phone in the pool talking to others while I wondered where he was. When he came out to talk to me, I wanted to push him in the water and leave him there. But it was the shallow end of the pool and I was afraid it would hurt him. We were talking up to get in the elevator to go to our room when I was woke up with him calling to talk to me. ... don't think I can take much more of this.