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Monday, November 1, 2010


This dream happened a few days ago. I was with Tim at first. We were at a little store in the middle of a barren desert landscape. There were mountains in the distance, so I guess it was one of those deserts created by mountains much like where Tim is right now in Afghanistan. I looked out the window (there was a vinyl seat by the window with a table, and I was sitting there with other people for some reason). There was a giant wolf spirit in the sky, coming our way. He had a red jewel between his eyes and like in some video game the name "Sodon" floated in yellow letters just below him. He came on a thunder cloud. I said to Tim, "There's Fenris!" and got his attention for it. The wolf passed over. I ran outside and looked off in the distance toward the mountains. Sodon and moved towards a larger thundercloud which had the head of a Fenris himself. He said, "Now you shall all die, you disgusting mortals. For I am loose upon the face of the Earth." I shouted, "NO!" in a "Bad dog!" voice. Meanwhile Tim wasn't there anymore. I'm not sure why. I took it for granted. There was another guy: his head was bald and around it was blue tattoo decorations much like a tattooed scroll headband. They were symbols with curly-cue work. I took note of them but did not read them nor even thought if they would have meaning. Fenris floated across the sky and out of sight. Planes fell out of the sky and people screamed in fear. These planes were breaking in half and falling to the ground to explode. I shielded myself by turning my back and grabbed my cellphone. My thought was to get back to the store and charge my phone as much as possible. Then maybe there would be signal enough later to call Tim. The planes could have been passenger airliners. But they also could have been the P3-Orion. I'm not sure which they were. The weirdness of it is this dream happened so soon after that conversation with Loki.