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Saturday, October 23, 2010


He's been reading the MKULTRA book, as you know, and he was telling me more about what he had found. I had to make him repeat it: he was in the part that was talking about some of the torture methods. He casually mentioned burying people at the beach as if it wasn't important - silly man. All of the information is important, and he just blows off important details. Drives me crazy. But anyway: ... I remember that. If there's nothing else in my 30 odd years that I could never remember, I remember *that*. I've ALWAYS remembered that. I thought it was reoccurring nightmare. I spent a long time confused as to how I knew about the plot to Blood Beach before 1975. When I was small I dreaded going to sleep, for fear I'd end up at that beach again. I went there three times. And the last time, they grabbed my ankles and pulled me under the sand.