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Monday, October 11, 2010


I was in the mountain range where I taught the army how to fly my jump ship. It was me, Choshu, my husband, and my children... and some female teens I didn't know. I looked up into the clear blue sky, and there was an airplane there. It flew closer, and I realized it was a UFO. It got very close. "Choshu, get your camera!" I yelled. But Choshu's camera suddenly wouldn't work. It was white and the parts were round, like something from a movie or a brandnew kitchen appliance. It hovered and turned and took off after a moment. Another UFO came. This one was orange with white trim. I said outloud, "Land! I want to fly your ship!" He landed to my excited surprise, and out stepped a guy in a pale grey-blue mandarin collar uniform. It looked very official. He asked, "What did you say? I thought you said -" and he said an alien sentence that sounded oddly like what I had said. I did not understand the sentence. No, I said, "Land. I want to fly your ship." "Oh," well he said. He was a White man with pale blond-red hair in a crew cut. His uniform had bars on the left breast. They were odd looking: like a square rectangle made of that metal that is neither gold nor silver. My son came out of nowhere and climbed into the ship as if it always belonged there. "Get down!" I said. "That isn't yours!" "Did you know the ship hyper drives were based on the blood capillary systems?" the man asked me. When he spoke I was infused with images of blood running through veins, as if I were watching a NOVA episode of something. "Which ones?" I asked. We had walked to the back of the ship. He flipped something like a trunk so I could see the drive, but I was too busy politely looking at his face as we spoke. "All thirty," he replied. I wondered to myself if he was insane. There were more than thirty animals in the world. I walked away to rejoin my group. He followed behind, and he kept looking at my hair. 'What are you doing?" I asked. "I'm looking for blue streaks," he said. "I know it's you." Crap, he's looking for me I thought. I also thought, well. I haven't dyed my hair blue in years. Keep looking, pal. But that isn't how the game is supposed to go, and I knew that. So after a moment of internal debate I decided to run away. I knew it was pointless. He'd find me with the sensors in his ship, but I ran. I came to a place where household items and other things were piled high. There was a square in the middle of the piles as if a room had been carved out of the things. I hid under something there and woke up. I told this dream to a friend, who did some quick research. So it is today I learned that "The International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) currently recognises 30 major blood group systems (including the ABO and Rh systems)." Go figure.