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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Damn but I can't remember everything. I know there was this scientist type fellow, only I don't think he was legit. And somehow he had gotten hold of this black spikey orchid type plant (very prehistoric looking) and it was mine. I forget why he wanted to, but he had to test it and me. To do that he had to switch some of the plants fluids and my blood. I don't remember him taking the blood; only that my arm hurt a LOT from the needle pricks. There were at least three. And all he got was a small vial, that he poured at the base of the plant (and the top of the pot) where there was this line. He explained that he had to do that. And somehow he'd put the plant's fluids into mine. He announced to me that I was 82% manifested, and began to do stupid drama shit about it... like sticking his face into mine to see if my eyes had changed yet and other stupid shit. That was when I noticed he3 was pale brown: a Black mix or maybe whole. Who knows. I would never have noticed if he hadn't been doing the stupid childish drama shit. Picking at my cheek to see if the skin had changed. Things like that. I had the plant in my lap; it was precious to me. And I remember at the beginning of the dream I was afraid he was going to kill it. There was other parts: a path and us in this dunebuggy type vehicle. People along the path shooting missiles and bullets. Me throwing my hands in the air like at a joy ride. "Let's dodge the missils!!!" and us driving along with me having the time of my life over being shot at. There was one person with a weapon as we passed by. It was something similar to a M47 Dragon only the barrel was white and at least twice as long. The tripod that held the weapon up was slightly different, too... and the soldier stood to fire it instead of sitting. He wore a soldier's uniform but it was 2 shades of dark grey, and there were flaps coming off his helmet so you couldn't see his face. And when the missile shot, it was about a forearm long and white with a black stripe along the edge where the warhead was located. When I woke up I actually checked my arm for needle marks or something because of the pain, which was fading rapidly.