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Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight I had a dream about a family with two children. Bits of what was happening to them came to me here and there. I have a faint memory of watching a man sit in a chair, burning alive. I was watching from the ceiling. And he just sat there. He'd set himself on fire with his mind somehow. The room was pretty barren and the chair had straps on it I *think*; it looked sort of like an electric chair. When the setting switched, there were these two boys - or perhaps a brother and sister - that were bike riding down a bike trail in the woods. There was a sign that said something like restricted area or something. I was standing there and saw them pop out racing; maybe running from something. There was a man in uniform standing there as if he'd expected them to come out there who told them, "We told you not to come this way" or something like that. I remember a flash of his dress blues out of the corner of my left eye. Then this dark-haired woman with her hair in layers came out of the trail on her bike. The children were stopped just a ways up the path and waiting. She looked at the man and did something with her eyes. The man began to vibrate so much you could see it, and it was killing him. So, she was using a sound weapon with her mind. I remember thinking, "What am I watching?" Then I remembered the man in the chair and I said, "Oh. I'm watching Firestarter." The mother killed the man and then told the children to ride, ride as far as they could. I could feel her grief. She was going to stay and face the music and let them kill her while her children get away. And the the setting switched. I was in the desert; there were a few ex-soldiers there. It was almost post-apocalyptic, like Mad Max or something, and there was one soldier with shaved hair. But I knew he would be blond. The boy came up to him; the boy was much older. I can't remember what was being talked about. I just knew that this man was the only one capable of raising the children well.