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Sunday, March 25, 2012

We the Lamps Three

Today I was supposed to have a meditation session with Dorica Manu: she and Dr. Corrado Malanga have made a lot of advances in alien abduction research. Even though I'm not strictly an alien abductee, I had approached them one day through their website. They were my last hope, having tried everyone else, and I thought it couldn't hurt.

They have a website dedicated to the Flash Mental Stimulation: it's a mental visualization exercise to help... do I don't know what. It's a good exercise, though.

Well, the appointment fell through - as things usually do in my life. My husband was summoned to the field last minute and forced to stay there and my daughter wasn't planning on doing anything to give her mother space. So I cancelled. However, Mrs. Manu asked me what happened with the flash mental stimulation - as we're still trying to coordinate.

In the exercise you visualize three lamps: Mind, Spirit and Soul. You pay attention to their colors, their size, all sorts of things. You turn on Mind first, then Spirit, then Soul. Always Soul last.

The first time I tried it, I got nowhere. So today, as my daughter decided once it was too late to go off with friends and my husband is working the night shift and sleeping so he can't call me from the field, I had time to myself. It was too late to rescue my appointment. So I did the exercise again.

By visualizing, for those that don't know, I'm referring to a meditation technique the requires the use of imagination. So I imagined I was in this round room that was so dark I couldn't see anything. With my eyes closed I did my best to picture it without controlling the images that came to mind. They had to develop on their own as a treat from my subconscious.

I sat myself in a chair in the round room: the chair, it turned out, was ornately carved wood with a plush red velvet seat. Okay, fine. I like comfort, I'm good with that.

The three lamps, I knew, were in a triad around me at perfectly spaced points. Mind to the front (because it was going to be the first list, but I could turn and face any one really), Spirit to my right just behind my ear, and Soul to my left similar position.

So I was expecting them to be these floating round globes because that's how I draw the lights in my comics. And I was thinking, maybe color. I got an impression of the color green for a moment but I'm also wearing green right now, and overall I wasn't surprised to find my visualization was chiefly fuzzy, black and white and faint. I just don't visualize by force. 

I told the first lamp to turn on by waving my right hand. Not sure why I chose that action or any of the subsequent actions; it just worked. The lamp turned on. It was round, yes: it was a round crystal ball atop a very finely-carved pedestal. The detail was more than a Corinthian column: it was tarnished silver, the column pedestal, with a platform for the lamp that wrapped around the bottom of the globe in curls or leaves... I could see the detail but I'm not good at retaining detail.

The globe was barely lit. The light flushed up from the bottom and made a gradient through the ball so that it almost looked like a crescent moon. It was about chest height and bigger than a basketball. Very smooth like a glass globe (I touched it). I tried very hard to see its color but the most I could get was a faint impression of yellow; a soft yellow light.

I went back to my seat and turned to face the spirit lamp. I snapped my finger to get it to light; right hand. It basically flamed on: it was a large fat flame coming out of a similar pedestal as the first. There was no color, though. I could almost hear the sound it would have made, though. The light was pretty bright, too. I thought, Ha! Well, okay, an old-fashioned lamp is still a lamp.

It was face height and as big as my head.

So I automatically turned to face the Mind lamp again when I summoned the Soul lamp. I wasn't looking at the Soul lamp when I did. I turned it on by reaching up with my left hand and pulling a chain; like one of those chains on a ceiling fan. It went click. And out of my peripheral vision I saw the lamp turn on. It was huge. At first I thought: what, it's a big disk like the Ra disk from ancient Egypt or something??

I turned to face it. It was very huge. At least bigger than the wall of my living room: like a maw of circle. It didn't glow, it was just there, and after a second I realized it wasn't a lamp at all. It was an eclipse. The sun or moon (not sure which) was crossing the light from left to right, and only a small sliver of light remained at the bottom right: you've seen eclipses. IT was at that point where things are almost completely eclipsed.

I felt guilty looking at it and broke out of the room. Got a grip on myself. Went back in.

With my wings (oh hell I dunno. Seemed good at the time) I wrapped the three lamps into a ball and smushed them together with my hand. At first I thought they'd become an old fashioned storm lamp, but I felt like I'd chosen that form just because and kept smushing. It was just a flash, the storm lamp.

When they were blended, they were like a melted candle. But instead of a light it was just smoke; very thick mass of smoke.

Do I have any idea what it means?

Not really.