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Thursday, March 1, 2012

dream, milab

I'd slept all night, but today while trying to stay up and get work done I was hit with it: I had to sleep whether I liked it or not. And I couldn't focus on anything; kept wandering around the apartment. So I finally gave in. I dreamed of the compound. I wake up remembering it as if I'd always remembered it, but the dream was the first time I'd become aware I knew of it. There was a map of America, and there was a guy there. They're going to build over the compound. And I said to him that there was the compound. I pointed to the map and it zoomed in kind of like how Google Earth does and I showed him the overhang that masked the underground entrance. I panned the image around and I pointed to an area that used to be open dirt and I told him, See you can see where there used to be open space to park stuff. While I was doing that I was trying to figure out why the place looked so different from what I expected. And where the old shed had come from that was where a parking lot used to be. Another thing is the map was backward. The eastern seaboard was on the western side of the map... or ... something like that. I remember when I looked at the island peninsula of the spot I was remembering another map of the place, a place that showed a grid of rooms underground. They're laid out like graph paper.