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Friday, May 14, 2004


I dream of it on occasion. It's old, an old Plantation house, and it has a small graveyard in the back. It's abandoned and in severe disrepair, and everytime I drive by it or walk by it or whatever I am doing, I stop and sneak past the chainlink fence around it (it's in an old downtown area, like Fernandina Beach or St. Augustine... colonial.. or something) and I walk around it. One time I even went into it. And always I spend most of the dream wishing to the gods I could buy it, fix it up, save it from crumbling to dust.... even though its haunted and cursed. So it was there again last night as me and my friend Margaret rode around. I can't remember what we were up to.. mostly nothing, I think. We stopped at a park and I played. Then on the way home, we went through the house's back yard for some strange reason. There was a preacher living there suddenly and his pretty wife. I stopped to talk to them, and by this time Margaret was gone. It's a pity because Margaret was the most brightly colored thing in the dream. I was asking the preacher about the graveyard in the back, and I only slightly took personal note that his clothing was slightly old fashioned. He was dressed in black with a high white color, button like Men in Black, but my mind told me this was a 1900's shirt. But I continued to write notes and as I was writing, he asked me to quote something. I happened to look down at my writing while he spoke and I noticed that I'd accidentally written the word "death" instead of something else. It was like seeing double for a moment as I watched myself look back at the man in astonishment while I furiously looked down and scribbled out the word in panic. All this from those points of view while I stood to my own left and watched it happen. I said, "You're DEATH!" and the little narrator in my mind said, "Yep, the clairvoyance doesn't lie." The preacher looked at me blankly for a moment, but he did not deny it. By this time, the pretty wife had vanished and it was just he and I on the house's backporch. "Why do you want me so badly?" I cried. Death discarded his human vicage to become a black shadow of the likes I haven't seen in ages. He grew and slid towards me while his eyes and mouth, now round holes as they melted into his true form, gaped. I could see the house through him. He said, "Haven't you figured it out yet?" and wrapped himself around me. His mouth cupped by my neck and left ear, and I thought he was going to devour me then and there. I was wrapped completely in him, and all I could see was his chocolately brown-black darkness. I did not struggle, because I knew what to do. I opened my mouth, and I began to suck up his essence. I bit and sucked and swallowed, and I could feel my fangs (which I rarely reveal), and soon he jerked once, jerked twice, and then jerked away and left me there alone in the house's backyard. That'll teach the motherfucker, won't it. *grin*