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Friday, May 28, 2004


Such dreams last night. I was with my mate, in his black 2004 car, in a parking lot somewhere. I don't know if it was Kyra, in my dreams it might have been. I can't say, because I'd cried myself to sleep. But in the dream were coupled, entwined, and loved one another in a way he never would in life. The backseat was our bed. And we lay there, done, beneath my jacket which somehow covered us both. People walked by us, glared int he windows. He was asleep. A policeman came and demanded we leave, so we did. Without my mate, I came home and there were people digging holes in my yard so they could sleep. I passed out blankets, but there wasn't enough to keep everyone warm. I fretted, because it was going to get very cold, and I tried very hard to work out an arrangement for everybody so they each could have their own hole and be warm. There were some people who shared their space, and they needed fewer blankets of course. I had to sleep alone, though, but in doing so I knew I was going to freeze to death because I had given most of my blankets away.