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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

High Chairs (dream, visitation)

I slept much of the day away yesterday because a fugue had decended over me. I considered myself tired, and I gave in. I slept for hours, abut it wasn't until I had gotten up for a moment, socialized, and went back to bed that I realized my assumptions were incorrect. I lay there in the bed Watching things the way I often do. There were desk-chairs such as one would find in a traditional classroom setting. They had switched at one point, and the one I possessed now had been passed to me at some previous time. I do not know how much previous. When you're Inhuman, thirty seconds could be a hundred thousand years. Someone said to me,"I want you to pass (on) your chair." The voice was melodic, but synthetic. The colors that resonated from it were pure, but they were also colors that I have no human name for. I do not know if I knew the voice or not, but I felt no fear. I opened my eyes and stared at my wall for a moment, registering what had just happened. Immediately, my response was "Fat chance!" I did not feel any particular emotion except a faint curiosity. There was, too, a stoic stubborness. Who was this to tell me what to do? Better yet, let me Order them to pass on Their chair. Let us see where they will sit then!