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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The other night, I dreamed of walking with the Jack. The places were brightly lit, white they were so bright, and in the last dream (there were four), I held his right hand with my left as we walked down a city street. We were talking as friends do in this time, and he was also dressed in white. Last night, I dreamed of the Jack several times again. There were bright colors in all of them, mostly the color red. In the final one, I'd went to Boomtown with them and we walked inside. And then we began to climb a long flight of stairs that were by folding chairs, like you would find in a movie theater. I was in a small black dress and wearing black high heels. At the bottom of the stairs, I stumbled and squealed in fear. The Jack kept going to the top (it was a really really long flight of stairs that were covered in red carpet). Tom'nJerry, who was with us, turned around to help me up. While he walked with me, he picked on me for being afraid of heights. The Jack had reached the top, he slipped through a door. Tom'NJerry and I were not far behind... once through the door... We were at the seating aisle of a roller coaster. Oh boy, a roller coaster. Yeah. I seem to have to face a lot of fucking fears around these guys, even in my sleep. I could see the safety bar you stand at while waiting to board a car and not much else because the darkness permeated just beyond it like ink. I reached my hands into the darkness and felt The Jack's soft hair in my hands. Okay, well, there's the Jack at least!! Then Tom'nJerry was helping me to get seated. I had to sit alone, to my frustration and fear. When the car started to move, that's how it began. We were in the very last car, and that worried me because of the way vibrations move objects, especially linked cars at the end of a train. Then my vision flashed, and I was watching myself line up pencils into a row. I told myself that this was how we were supposed to sit, and boom! Back to the roller coaster to find myself sandwiched between Tom'NJerry and the Jack. Jerry was on my left and the Jack was on my right. The roller coaster went out into a grey world, and I was apprehensive and quiet. I didn't buckle myself up right away, but when I finally did we went over a hill and into a loop. It wasn't a loopty loop, but one of those centrifugal force loops. I like those. ^-^ So the coaster went around and around, and our car was spun farther and farther out. I told myself I would not be afraid and enjoy this, and I think I succeeded a little. I worried about the speed and loops that were surely to come. The coaster slowed to a stop after the loop and just before I woke up, I wondered if somehow I'd managed to not watch the loops somehow.