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Saturday, February 26, 2005


In my dream last night, you had a house near mine. It was wide and and open, and the outside walls were painted red. You were? dunno? more real? Or something. The house was full of younger guys and no Steve. You had a maid who was given an overdose by another maid, and she was dead in the bathroom a month before one of the guys found her. The guys were obnoxious cuz they were all shirtless with no faces and might as well have been models. You know, those cute shallow people I can't stand. Anyway, you came to my house to visit and you and I were hanging out on the tailgate of a red truck in the road when my Aunt Marsha came out (I hate her) to berate me for letting the kids go down the road by themselves. Geez, they're 9 and 11. Gimme a break, anyway there was the threat of losing them (again - that seems to be a theme lately). Hrm... and then there was a blonde baby. You were surrounded by the people we were hanging with, but I handed it to you for some strange reason. You didn't seem to know how to hold it, and I told you that the baby wasn't a cat and to hold it right. But then it turned into a cat, a grey one, and crawled on your shoulder and then mine. It was fluffy. Just spoke to Shadow, the girl who used to live where I put you. She just told me that her walls in her apt. are painted red and she does have a girl come in and clean on Fridays. Other than that? I'm sure this was only a dream, me filtering things that have happened in the past couple of days. But it WAS fucked up. You were all stiff with that kid in your arms. Mwahahaha.