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Saturday, February 5, 2005


I was with the Jack in an old building. He beckoned me upstairs, so we went. All around us things were dark brown, deep shadowed and unkempt. Basically, it was in major disrepair. We got to the top, which I knew was going to be an apartment. I can't remember just how things went. I think he was telling me his plans for the place. At one point, however, he told me to look out the window. As the window was behind me, facing the door (which he was standing by), I turned around. I was a little afraid to look out the window because I knew we stood at an incredible height. But I approached the window anyway and looked out beyond the dark brown, lightless world of Jack's apartment. Cherry was suddenly there, standing to my right, also telling me to look out the window. The world outside was a surprise to me. I remember thinking that I never knew Jacksonville looked like this. In real life it doesn't. The city I saw in my dream was more like the New York you see in paintings and movies. There was a bridge in the distance. It was lit by hundreds of lights and gleamed silver-white in the night like the bridge to the Other Lands. The buildings before it stacked diagonally to the right, and all the windows were lit and even twinkling like stars. "What a beautiful view," I told Cherry. The Jack was standing just behind me; I could sense him but I did not turn around. I stepped back away from the window while they told me that yes, it was a gorgeous view, and that was why that place had been chosen...