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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Grrrr... It was the jerk and I again, the night before last, in that black inbetween space. We were close, very close, and he lay me down. I held my legs together, knees up, while saying somehow... with yellow light?... that I did not want to. He grabbed my knees and pried my legs open, then bent down for a kiss while, almost anime style, I suffered a stream of insecure thoughts about the state of my body. I was pale.. peach.. and hairless... and not fat like in real life. More close to my true form, which from a waking view point is NOTHING to be insecure about. Silly me. The Jack kissed me there in the middle. It was a long kiss, but not sexual. It was a kiss just like the ones where he kissed my breast in the other dreams. Just as I began to wonder why I didn't feel anything, he got up - I noticed he was wearing white - turned and walked away, melting into the darkness. My first waking thought was, and I quote, "Something has to be done about this, and now!" I don't mean getting him to requite either. Human emotions... pheh! *scratches white doggie ear and sulks* Another reptilian encounter?