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Thursday, January 6, 2005


I had a nightmare last night that my daughter got eaten by an alligator. It was a good dream to start with. Had my own home, it was in the mountains in the country... was talking to Shane's gfriend, listening to her prattle about new channels she was finding on satellite by plugging in different isp connections... then it just went suddenly horribly wrong. My son was whining about his shirt, which was red. I heard my daughter scream a coupleof times, but for some reason I was holding a green treefrog and staring at a mushroom. Then my mother's sister's husband cried, "He got her!" I looked up to see a giant alligator and my daughter's body being pulled under the water. I jumped into the water, wondering why I didn't have a knife, to save her. Grabbed her arm under the waterand started to pull her back to me, alligator and all. I was going to gouge that gator's eyes out if necessary. But we all know I'd have lost, so I guess that's why I woke up about then. I want her screams out of my mind dammit. *bursts into tears*