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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I had a dream last night about being part of a class that visited a village. There was some strange ritual going on; people running nekkid through the street. The people were then divided into groups first by sex and then by marital status. We women in my group were given names by the "teacher/leader". I was the second. She looked at me, thought, and then spouted out a name in the Old Tongue that phonetically sounded like "Malek Taus" in a way but meant something like "Summer Wind" or something like that. I busted out laughing. She asked me why and I told her because that was my name, how funny. She was going to give me another and someone else that name, and I told her she'd better not. She'd Named me, now cope. There were other things, but I can't remember what... but I did sleep a long time today. I shall exercise after transcribing a while. I predict I shall go to bed late with my awesome predictable powers